One of the essential aspects of men’s grooming is the perfume; he applies before moving out. You might be wearing an expensive suit, keeping a well-groomed hair, but if you do not smell good, all your efforts are in vain. Your presence without the best perfumes for men do not make an impressive impact.

The best perfumes for men have now become prominent grooming essential for all of you. With the Indian sensibility towards personal grooming growing, the homegrown Indian brands are bringing together authentic ingredients with international know how.

Style Groves, a leading beauty and fashion portal present the best perfumes for men in India which will add up that much-needed edge to your aura. These homegrown Indian brands offer beautiful fragrances to make your day beautiful.  

1. Embark Perfumes

Embark, India’s famous homegrown brand is the outcome of the rich experience and passion of Ms Varsha Dalal.  A veteran in luxury perfumes business launched the Embark line of fine fragrances for the  Indian men. It is cut out for the young men on the go, who aspire to the likes of Chloé, Chanel and Hermes.

The homegrown brand produces quality perfumes at a reasonable price. Made out of essential oils (keeping in mind the Indian climate and Indian skin) so that the fragrance can last all day. They are also 100% cruelty-free.

The unisex brand has a good option for the guys who lives by his own rules, Embark My Life for Him is a perfect choice. It has a bold fragrance that lasts throughout the day.

My Dream from Embark is filled with freshness. The woody scented perfume has a top note of mandarin and grapefruit, and base notes of amber and moss. They lend an energetic vibe to the aroma and makes it ideal for the man with a carefree spirit of adventure.

2. Skinn by Titan

The Unisex brand Skinn from the Titan company is uniquely crafted with a blend of new and exotic notes from the finest ingredients. It is sensuality in a bottle that elevates your every day to the extraordinary.

The collection brings you an assortment of scents, including woody, spicy, citrusy, floral, musky and fruity fragrances.

Amalfi Bleu By Skinn for Men is an ideal for a modern man with a dynamic personality. It has top notes of lavender, citrus and galbanum, heart notes of orange flower and vetiver and base notes of moss and musk.

At the same time, Country Road is dermatologically tested and is suited for men with all skin types. It makes you carefree and energetic, once you apply it on your body.

3. Bombay Perfumery

Bombay Perfumery, a brainchild of Mr Manan Gandhi is a  brand which has eight luxurious fragrances produced with India as inspiration. The perfumes feature quite a few out of the box scents, including notes of pepper and chai to celebrate India’s heritage.

The brand aims to invoke a sweet memory every time you open a bottle. Bombay Perfumery fragrances are long-lasting with a rich legacy of 30 years. They are priced between Rs 3900 to 4100 (100 ml, Eau de perfume).

The sub-brands like  Calicut, Madurai Talkies and Chai Musk are doing very well in the market. They are the preferred choices of the Indian men in formal and other social functions.

4. Liberty Oud Gold

Luxury is not only an indulgence, but it’s an attitude too. In line with the path-breaking business vision, the Liberty Lifestyle has introduced “Oud Gold Silk Intense” for Indian men.

This high-end fragrance you wear is an introduction to your persona, and part of your attitude of sophistication. It is a  luxurious Arabian opulence,  now recreated by Liberty Lifestyle for the men.

The brand presents the feeling of true luxury, the feeling of being on an elevated plane, the feeling of being GOLD.

The Collector’s Edition of OUDGold Silk Intense Perfume is a rare ART  packaged in a bottle. This evening perfume is perfect for nights out and romantic evenings.

Wrapping Up

The new-gen Indian entrepreneurs have already made a mark and initiated the beginnings of India’s own luxury fragrance industry. Perfumes are part of every men’s private tool to create the best impression in society.

Now you know where to shop from the next time you’re looking to bag new fragrances.

If you need more information on any of these brands, please feel free to place your comments below. Or else let us which is your favourite homegrown Indian perfume brands? 

We will accommodate your views in any of our future posts. Happy Shopping!!