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What can be better than a fun-filled summer vacation? Be it trekking with friends or spending a romantic beach vacation on an island with your loved one, summer is the best time. But, do you know what can turn off your vacation mood? Yes, you guessed it right! It’s tan. If you are looking for ways to get rid of vacation tan, Here we go…..

There are plenty of the India skincare products that would help your skin get rid of vacation tan. Here, I have listed some of the most effective tan removal products suitable all skin types.

How to Get Rid of Vacation Tan?

Before we go into details, You should Know the reason behind tanned skin!

You may be happy during the vacation, but your skin won’t be due to continuous exposure to heat and dust. The harsh rays of the sun make your skin dull and dry, thereby causing hyper-pigmentation.

You may wonder why even your sunscreen lotions and creams did not come to the rescue. It is because of the insufficient levels of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) in sunscreen products.

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So, should you avoid basking in the sun? Not at all.

Enjoy every possible second under the sun but, make sure you have the below-mentioned products handy. 

1. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun De-Tan Face Pack

Most of the time, we think that a de-tan product is essentially bleach. However, Lotus Herbals de-tan face pack contains natural ingredients. This product is easy to apply as it comes as a thick cream, which has to be diluted with water to obtain the right consistency. The best part is you can use them to remove acne scars and to lighten your skin as well. 

How to Use?

Evenly apply Lotus Herbals Safe Sun De-tan Face Pack all over your face and wait until it dries completely. Then wash your face with room temperature water.

How Often Should You Use?

It is recommended that you use it twice a week if you spend long hours in the sun. 

2. Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Sun Tan Removal Scrub

Biotique products are widely used in several parlours across India for herbal skin treatments. The papaya extract in it makes it do wonders on the skin. Its crystallised formula goes to the deep layer and helps to clear the tan.

How to Use?

Every time you head back home after spending a long time under the sun, wash your face using this scrub. 

How Often Should You Use?

Use it thrice or four times a week for better results.

3. Banjara’s Multani + Orange Oil Clear Exfoliating Face Wash

This indigenous face wash helps you remove the tan that comes free with your summer vacation. The goodness of orange extracts helps you instantly get rid of vacation tan. As an additional benefit, it moisturizes and gives a healthy glow to your skin. 

How to Use?

As with any other face wash, wash your face using Banjara’s Multani + orange oil clear exfoliating face wash. 

How Often Should You Use?

You can use it once or twice a day.

4. Sattvik Organics Sun Ban Remedy for Tan Removal

If you are a go green kind of person, this would be the right pick for you. Natural ingredients such as saffron and turmeric enhance the complexion while reducing the tan, thereby giving an even skin tone. It has no harmful chemicals.

How to Use?

Apply an even layer on your skin and leave it for 15 minutes or until it dries. Then wash it with room temperature water.

How Often Should You Use?

For best results, use it in the evenings after exposure to the sun.

5. Just Herbs Body Luster Sandal Turmeric Ubtan Pack

This 100% natural face pack gives the best results for skin tan and darkening issues. The ingredients like orange peel, turmeric, neem, and lentils not only remove tan but also removes unwanted facial hair. 

How to Use?

Ideally, this product is a replacement for soaps. So, you can use it as a body wash daily.

How Often Should You Use?

Use it once or twice a day.

Wrapping Up!

Now you know how to get rid of vacation tan right after your summer vacation. No matter how harsh the weather is, if you follow a good skincare regime, you can easily escape from the annoying and painful acne, tan, allergies, and other skin problems.

All you have to do is grab all or any of these products and use them as directed to get clear, healthy, and glowing skin. These super-effective Indian skincare products are formulated with utmost care to give you silky soft skin. 

Have you used these products before or have any queries? Do not hesitate to leave it in the comment box below. For more such useful info about lifestyle, fashion, and beauty trends, follow Style Groves.