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In this modern era, taking care of hair has become a challenge for many people. Be it in men or women, problems like hair loss, dull hair, split ends, and dandruff is higher than ever. The best thing is that the Indian market has plenty of solutions for this problem. From Herbal Hair Oils to Hair Protein Creams to Ayurvedic Hair Cleansers, here is a list of the best hair care brands providing scalp-friendly products to men & women of all age groups.

How to Choose the Best Hair Care Products?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing hair care products. every hair care product has a different composition. Some hair care brands use natural ingredients, while others use synthetic ingredients. You can choose from oil, shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, and serum. Before you choose a product, you need to understand the type of hair. For instance, if you have dry and frizzy hair, you should choose a mild shampoo with conditioner. Frizzy hair requires moisture and should be treated with care.

Best Hair Care Brands in India

Though there are numerous brands across India selling a variety of hair products- a few brands like Khadi Natural, Nature’s Tattva, Soulflower, The Nature’s Co., and Juicy Chemistry are setting the bar high in terms of quality and affordability.

These brands are completely indigenous and are growing their market in India, reaching millions of people daily. The best thing about these brands is that they have taken dedicated steps to ensure the toxin( Sulphates & Parabens) free manufacture of their products.

1.  Khadi Natural

Established in 1963, Khadi Natural is one of the oldest and most trustworthy brands in the Indian market. Khadi practices 100% Ayurvedic formulations free from harmful chemicals such as sulphates and parabens.

With a mission to help individuals with herbal remedial solutions, the company has a wide range of products. In the Haircare section, the products include – Hair Cleansers, Hair Conditioners, Hair Oils ( with NO mineral oil), Henna products (100% Natural colours) and Hair Creams/Serums.

Some of the popular haircare products of Khadi Natural are –

  • Shampoo and hair conditioner
  • Serum, gel and hair mask

Khadi Natural also leads in skincare and body care products. Grab the most suitable hair product that not only protects but nourishes the roots. Get thick and natural hair without spending thousands of rupees on overpriced treatments with Khadi Natural products.

2.  Nature’s Tattva

This brand has created a special place in the heart of Indian customers for its peculiar quality. Being India’s first and only DIY beauty brand, Nature’s Tattva provide raw material and tutorials to its customers. They then create their cosmetics as per the skin and hair type.

The shelf life of the individual ingredients is about 14-24 months. Once mixed, the shelf life drops to 3-4 months. Hence, making small portions and using them quickly is an efficient way to apply the product.

This also prevents unwanted chemicals like preservatives from cropping into your product.

3.  Soulflower

Born out of a passion for creating premium organic products, Soulflower aims to bring a smile to the face of its customers. The company was established in 2001, and since then, it has served millions of happy customers across India.

Soulflower’s hair products range from Essential Oils to Carrier Oils to Masks and much more. The products aim to solve various problems faced by Indian people, such as Hair Fall, Dandruff, Damaged Hair, etc.

The brand assures 100% pure and vegan products with a high level of dedication to being cruelty-free on animals. This brand, with its passion and effort, deserves your attention.

4.  The Nature’s Co.

This journey started in 2003 with Ms Natasha Shah(Founder) and her panel of experts. With the philosophy to adhere to the ‘All Natural’ way, they started extensive research on the uses and benefits of Essential Oils, Extracts, and ingredients that surround our daily lives.

Nature’s Co. believes that the secret to a healthy lifestyle is hidden in the five forms of nature- air, sun, forest, earth, and water. The research and exploration led to the conception of five unique domains Atmospure, Starrize, Foressence, Earthborn and Aquaspark. The company produces Hair Cleansers, Conditioners, and Hair Supplements in the hair-care section.

Nature’s Co. delivers 100% vegan products and ensures non-cruelty on animals. They also ensure that the packaging material is recyclable and biodegradable. When a company puts in such an effort in researching and creating beauty & body care products, it is bound to be great in quality. So, go shopping at The Nature’s Co. without breaking a sweat!

5.  Juicy Chemistry

After getting frustrated by the number of harsh chemicals used in common hair & body products, Megha and Pritesh Asher co-founded Juicy Chemistry in 2014. Juicy Chemistry portrays a wide range of products, including Oils, Masque, Shampoos, Dry Shampoos and Conditioners in the haircare section.

The raw material for the products comes from various places like Kashmir and Nilgiris. The low shelf life of the products indicates the absence of preservatives and harsh chemicals.

Juicy Chemistry is committed to using only ‘all natural’ ingredients without sacrificing the effectiveness of the product. Create your perfect haircare routine with the help of Juicy Chemistry.

Summing up

Gone are the days when we had to rely on foreign brands for our daily haircare & body care needs. Now, various Indian Brands are leading the way and serving the general public with their affordable, safe and effective products. These companies are also very careful about their impact on the world.

The brands do not contain any harmful chemicals like Parabens, Phthalates, and Sulphates which prevents the degradation of waterways and marine life. Hence, by choosing these brands over other foreign brands, you can contribute a lot towards Mother Earth.

Which one of these Best Hair Care Brands did you like the most? I hope this post was helpful to you. I believe it aided you in figuring out the best product from the sea of chemical-ridden hair products.

Comment below with your opinion on these brands!