food for immune system

We are talking at a time when health has taken a center seat in the global sense. As you sit down to read this blog and I pen this for you, we are caught in the web of a pandemic. It’s time to boost your immunity as well as that of your near and dear ones.

The human body is a complicated amalgamation of elaborate systems. We may not know fully about all of its mechanisms. But we all know we need to care for it intricately. A healthy body is home to strong immunity.

The potential of a human body to resist harmful microorganisms is called immunity. A group of white blood cells destroys these alien bodies that enter us intending to cause sicknesses.

Therefore improving your immune system is vital to keep yourself fit and healthy!

How to boost your immunity?

The secret to a healthy immune system in your kitchen cabinet. Take a look at these six kitchen herbs that help improve your immunity.

1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is commonly known as ‘churn’. This sieved powder can be mixed with honey, ghee, or water. It enhanced the functioning capacity of the brain and improves memory.

It is also good for the nervous system as well as the reproductive system.

Ashwagandha is an ‘adaptogen’. It helps your body stay resilient to stress. This revered herb of the Indian Ayurvedic system defends the body against diseases by improving cell-mediated immunity.

This magic herb also protects the cell against cellular damage using its antioxidant properties.

2. Turmeric

Have a cold or flu? Seek refuge in your trustworthy companion who rests in the kitchen- turmeric!

Turmeric naturally increases immunity by enhancing the immunomodulation of the body. You can start by adding extra turmeric to your diet, especially during stressful periods and/or flu and cold.

This spice helps in memory boost as well. The curcumin in turmeric helps in improving concentration.

Turmeric is the richest source of Iron and it has antifungal properties. It helps to control infections as well.

There’s little this spice cannot do! It is even used to treat chickenpox, urinary infections, and liver ailments

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been Ayurveda’s faithful ingredient for a long time. It help fight inflammation and infections.

Cinnamon not only helps to boost your immunity but also serves to heal damaged tissues. It contains immune-boosting antioxidants.

It fights cold and prevents blood platelet clumping and regulates blood sugar.

Starting from appetite stimulation to treating arthritis, cinnamon does it all. For sore throats, cough, abdominal cramps, or indigestion, a pint of cinnamon would do.

It even fights nausea so it would do you good to carry it around during travels as well

4. Ginger

No matter how much one talks about ginger, it isn’t enough! It is antibiotic and anti-inflammatory in composition.

It helps cure sore throat, nausea, and intestinal gas. Now, ginger is one such herb that you can add to your morning tea, food, or even water.

Its antioxidant content enhances the immune system of the human body. You may consume it on an empty stomach in the morning to keep diseases at bay and strengthen the immune system.

It eases the digestive process and is an excellent remedy for vomiting and cold. Ginger is also known to regulate cholesterol and sugar levels.

It even fights cancer!

5. Garlic

This strong, pungent herb is there in every kitchen. Like ginger, garlic also has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Garlic helps in increasing the number of white blood cells in our body that fight foreign microbes and viruses.

The allicin compound in it does impart a rather distinctive smell and taste. However, this compound quickly converts into sulphur which gives medicinal properties to garlic.

Not only does garlic reduces the risk of becoming sick but helps you recover from colds and flus as well.

Try crushing the garlic before consumption; this increases the allicin content in it.

6. Green Tea

One of the compounds in green tea effectively increases the number of regulatory ‘T cells’ that are important to boost your immunity. It helps in suppressing autoimmune diseases.

Green tea isn’t just a fancy drink. With a bit of honey in it, green tea can clear your metabolism.

It has antioxidant properties and prevents coronary heart diseases. Green tea is beneficial in preventing cancer and other chronic diseases.

Green tea protects us from UV rays that cause complications like DNA damage, immunosuppression, and skin cancer.

Its antimicrobial properties inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria. Some studies show that it even serves to increase the function of the brain.

Wrapping Up!

Aren’t you surprised what these mundane kitchen spices can do to boost your immunity? And to think we have been sleeping on their benefits for so long!

Worry not; better late than never. Chart your diet accordingly in these trying times and incorporate these kitchen herbs into it. Make a smart grocery shopping list and fill those kitchen cabinets with healthy herbs.

If any of these herbs have made your life better, share your story in the comments below! Happy health, folks.