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Life is all about the changes as every year sets new fashion trends, not just for your clothing, but also for your eyewear.  Whether you are wearing them for the protection from sunlight or as a fashion statement, buying sunglasses remains a task.

There are a plethora of brands offering mind-boggling styles in the market. And this makes it all the more difficult.

“Style Groves” is a place where we keep our readers to stay updated in fashion and style. Today we are taking a look at trending styles for men and women when it comes to sunglasses. We will also review how the Indian homegrown brands are faring?

1. Bollywood is Our Style Inspiration

When it comes to fashion, style and trends, we always look up to the streets of Mumbai rather Bollywood. Bollywood celebrities have shown us how a good pair of sunglasses can make you look fashionable within minutes. Here your face type -round, oval or heart-shaped, play a vital role to pick up the right style.

Lately, the coloured varieties, shield and triangular sunglasses have been ruling the Mumbai streets, bazaars as well as the big screens.

Let’s see what rest of India is thinking about it?

Creation of the style calls for an in-depth understanding of market pulse. The Black Square Men Sunglasses is classic that overrides many other types.  They can help you look and feel Simple, Smart, and Confident. So are the “Navigators” and “Black Pilots” series from “Fast Track”.

“The Wraparound” gives you calm and sporty looks. It saves your eyes from dust, sunlight and makes you stay focused.

The sunglasses from “Fastrack” are not too expensive and a much “sought-after brand”, from the house of Titan.

3. Your “Face Type” – the Critical Factor for Your Style

An oval-shaped face can pull off with many styles.  Have fun and experiment with different frames—round or angular, classic or futuristic, you name it! Just make sure that you are sticking to just eyebrow-to-cheekbone area and not going further.

IDEE offers 40 plus designs suitable for oval, round and square style. They are available in rimless, semi-rimless and full-rim frame options with a versatile range of lenses.

Cool and confidentIDEE Eyewear” sets you standing apart in the crowd. It is a symbol of social acceptance while retaining individualism.

4. Eye-Catching Styles for the Great Lookers

Those great lookers (having a face that is widest at the temples and narrowest at the chin) are the  “heart face type”. They may go for exaggerated shapes or eye-catching bottom details. Cats-eye or aviator styles are the perfect choices to complement them.

However, if you have square typeface, then  Curvy frames. Circular, oval, with semi-rimless shades are the perfect ones. They would help you to soften a broad forehead and strong jawline, giving a more balanced look.

The world of Titan Sunglasses has more than 1900 plus choices for the Indian great lookers.

Titan Plus is a famous Indian brand that makes you stay stylish everyday. Titan gives you the hip and happening looks besides extending perfect eye protection.

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The brand offers a variety of shapes and sizes. The sunglasses are dazzling and bewildering in their beauty.  The exquisite quality of the sunglasses is bound to leave you satisfied and craving for more. 

Titan has been meeting the style aspiration of all the Good looking guys and gals, since inception.

5. Chic Sunglasses for the Metro Women

Buying sunglasses can be overwhelming, especially when you are shopping online. There are umpteen shapes, frame types, and colours available across your tab. The design team of Hidesign have thoughtfully organized the best available shades and frames that go well with your face cut.

Hidesign UV Protected Wayfarer Women’s collection are all-time favourite to the metro women. The brand comes in a variety of colour shades, including brown, black and tinted. 

If you have a round face,  the brand offers angular, geometric sunglass shapes to give it added definition. Rectangle, square or wrap styles would help to sharpen and elongate your features.

Hidesign has 46 style options that can help you to make the final choice for the winter months.

6. Take a Hike till You Reach “Flying Machine”

Consider yourself lucky, if in case you have a god gifted “oval-shaped face” as it can pull just about any look.  You can have fun trying out with different styles like round, angular, classic or futuristic.

The only thing you must ensure to sticking your glass between eyebrow-to-cheekbone. You would never be disappointed as  Flying Machinehas got your perfect match with 96 design and colour options.

Flying Machine comes with high-quality lenses and different styles like aviator, wayfarer and many more. The brand owned by Arvind fashions group is a business house of repute.

7. Conclusion

Indian fashions keep changing, and we @style Groves updates you with the latest style and trends. When it comes to fashionable eyewear, the Indian homegrown brands have evolved.

Today they offer a similar quality, design options to that of their international counterpart. At the same time, they do not make a hole in your pocket. 

All these homegrown brands, Fast Track, Idee, Titan, Hidesign and Flying Machine are equally popular amongst the new generation Indian customers. They meet their style requirement and suiting their pockets.

Which one of these Sunglasses Brands do you prefer for your next round of shopping?

I hope this post is useful for informed decision making in buying sunglasses We appreciate your views in the comment section below.