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Wondering how to choose the right belt for your outfit? well, putting on a right belt on your waist is essential to completing your fashion statement in formal wear or casual wardrobe.

The belt is more than a fashion accessory. It’s part and parcel of any men’s wear. As a rule of thumb, you should always wear a belt with all types of official outfits.

Occasionally, you can try suspenders for men but only on family occasions. As far as the official dress code is concerned, a belt is more popular and universally acceptable than suspenders.

The quality and type of a belt that you put on with any formal wear matter a lot. 

Always complement your well-dressed suit with a quality and matching belt. 

The length of each belt usually measures from 32-inches to 40-inches depending upon your waist size. 

In this blog, we provide some simple style tips below to use the right belt for your right costume.

1. Webbed Fabric Belt for Jeans or Denim

Usually, Fabric webbed belts are perfect for casual wardrobes like Jeans or denim – of course those should have belt loops. The refreshing look and colourful designs/ patterns can make fabric belts as your viable alternative for leather belts. 

Matching Outfit: Fabric Belts, preferably in blue or brown, can go well with most of your dark-wash and mid-wash denim in blue and black. Moreover, you can wear a webbed fabric belt with other skin-tight jeans as well. 

The belt colour should match your denim colour. Please don’t overlook it.

  • Breadth: Between 1.1 to a 1.6-inch strap.
  • Colour: Shiny black or brown.
  • Buckle style: Any
  • Shoe: Casual shoes in white

Where to Buy: You can get a high-quality fabric belt from Jharkhand-based Shrishtiman.

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2. Casual Belt for Khaki Trousers and Formal Pants

Casual Belts are the right choice for people who prefer something in between – being too formal and too informal. The plus point of wearing casual belts is its ability to accentuate your handsome in trendy khadi pants. 

You can go with a casual belt during Indian occasions such as Republic Day and Independence Day.

  • Breadth Size: Between 1.1 to 1.6-inch straps.
  • Colour: Shiny black or brown.
  • Buckle style: Any
  • Footwear: Black or brown-coloured shoes

Matching outfits: Don casual belts with your Khadi trousers and pants. 

Where to buy: Take a look at an attractive range of brown and black casual belts on Louis-Philippe Online.

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3. Colourful Belts for Chinos and Cotton Jeans

As far as wearing the right belt goes, most men prefer to go with classic brown or black with their formal wear. However, if you are a big fan of Chinos in rich cotton, then opt for a contrast combination. 

Chinos are great alternative outfits for your conventional office suits. Chinos work perfectly as an official wardrobe. Chino is the second most-preferred official outfit for men, after a classic white shirt and black pant combo. 

  • Width: 1.5-inch+
  • Colour: Multicolored with plenty of designs
  • Buckle style: Any
  • Shoes: Go with white sneakers with a tint of red or blue in edges.

Matching outfits: Opt for ages multi-coloured belt to complete your style in shorts, Chinos or cotton-jean pants. 

Grab your high-quality colourful belts from Khadims India. You will get a wide variety of colour choices starting from brown, black, red to brick colour.

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4. Traditional Office Belts for Formal Events

A traditional office belt is the most popular and must-have fashion accessory in your closet. It comes with a simple, subtle, and stylish look. 

Ideally, all office leather belts should be in black or brown. When you are donning office-wear, then the belt must reflect your official dress code too. 

  • Breadth: 1.5-inch to 
  • Colour: Brown or Black
  • Buckle style: Any
  • Footwear: Go with leather-made brown or black shoes, preferably without laces. 

You can choose attractive custom-made official belts from vanheusenindia in various designs, buckle styles, and frames.

Whenever you buy a belt, please pay close attention to its body and buckle. Your buckle should be always in silver, brass, or golden colour!

Accentuate your look in office wear by putting on a shiny necktie and a matching belt.

The Conclusion

Putting on a right belt around your waist is as much essential as donning up your trouser and shirt. Without a shiny buckle and a belt, your style statement will remain incomplete. A well-fitted belt smartens up your overall look in formal and informal outfits. 

Hopefully, you have understood how to pair up your belt with other outfits–formal and non-formal. Try some cool experiments with your belt in various textures and patterns and see what works for you. 

You can buy your favourite Indian-style belts from any of the stores we mentioned above. These brands come with quality materials, custom-made designs, and attractive patterns. 

You can opt for anyone of them. We would love to hear your thoughts on this.