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We all love shopping for clothing’s and accessories but hate to spend much unproductive time in the shopping malls. Buying clothes online is the order of the day.

Sometimes it is a nightmare to do hopping from outlet to outlet to look for the choicest clothing at the right price. Online Shopping and E-commerce portals have made our life a lot easier today.

With due courtesy to the Smartphone technology, You pick up your clothing’s from the comfort of your home at your convenience.

But everything about the online shopping is not the “Hunkey Dory”, especially when it comes to buying clothes online.

At StyleGroves, we attempt to understand the real-time challenges and inform our readers about the possible solutions through the post.

Buying Clothes Online – The Challenges for Online Shoppers

When you are buying clothes online,   you can get great style at bargain prices. But it also comes with the added worry because you’re buying a clothing item unseen ( no physical trial ). The dress that arrives at your door may not just fit you, resulting in the waste of your money and time.

Buying clothes online calls for a bit of understanding in the domain. And you can do a little bit of planning and smart shopping.

So let us look at the challenges and the possible solutions.

It is all about the sizes – Measure Yourself First

The right thing you can do before you swipe your card for buying clothes online is to get proper measurements of yourself. Once you have some idea of your size/ body measurement, beyond “large,” “size 10,” or “42 waists,” you’ll be able to shop without much fear.

Remember, one simple thing that each clothing brands have their own set of measurement which differs from the other brand.

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How to go about finding your measurement? 

Answer: The best is to take help from a professional like your community tailor master.

Just walk to your nearby community tailors and take all the possible dimension and measurement of your body by paying a little amount.

He/She would only give you the all possible inputs in a piece of a paper. Do this exercise once at the beginning of every year and keep the record in your Smartphone notebook.

Check out the size charts for the specific brand

As an online shopper, you may be familiar with terminologies like small, large,  extra-large, and know where do you fit in. Hang on for a moment before you decide as every brand has different parameter and size specifications. Take a look at the table below of the brand “Benzer”, and you would exactly know, what we are referring.

So, before you start adding your choicest clothes to the shopping cart – make sure you’re clear on the brands sizing policies. Some manufacturers fit larger or smaller, so don’t rely on the dress size until you’ve read through the information on the website and determined which size would fit your measurements the best.

Maintain Your Shopping History On The PC

I do my online shopping with confidence with the help of my shopping history stored on my PC. When I have success with a few specific brands, I always refer to the data for my future online Shopping. It helps me to pick up the right size most of the time. I guess you can also do the same at your end.

Order more than One-Unit (nearby alternate size). Only order from the online store having a generous return policy.

Never deal with an online clothing store that doesn’t have a generous return policy. A professional online store offers to pay for returns, but others may not. Regardless, stay clear of stores that don’t allow returns.

To avoid sizing complication, order two units of the same garment in different nearby sizes from any online retail brand offering a confirmed return policy. And return the one that doesn’t fit you so well.

But ensure that the store offers refunds for returns and not store credit. So, you get actual money back once you’ve returned the item.

Wrapping Up

Money saved is money earned which holds good for Online Shopping too. You can save a fair amount of money by browsing the net and shopping for your favourite garments online. But you must know how to grab the right size every time.

As an online shopper, you must obtain some knowledge on the online “promo code“ and its application. It would be a double engine saving for you.

Since sizing, brands and fit can vary – always check into the brands return policy before you place an order. That way, you’ll not only look good but there will be lesser stress on your pocket too. 

If you have other tips for picking up the right size while buying clothes online, feel free to comment below.