Indian clothing brands for women

India is a land of vibrant traditions, diverse cultures, and rich heritage, and its influence extends seamlessly into the world of fashion. Indian clothing brands for women have been steadily gaining recognition not only for their exquisite craftsmanship but also for their ability to blend tradition with modernity. From timeless sarees to contemporary fusion wear, these brands have created a distinct niche in the global fashion landscape.

In this guide, we will explore the top 10 Indian clothing brands that have redefined women’s fashion, celebrating the fusion of age-old traditions with cutting-edge designs to cater to the diverse tastes of modern women. These brands have not only garnered praise for their aesthetics but also their commitment to ethical practices and sustainability, making them stand out as beacons of Indian fashion excellence.

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1.10 Best Indian Clothing Brands for Women

The Indian fashion industry is emerging and offers an array of collections from wedding outfits to casual wear. Well, we have made it easy for you as we have compiled a list of 10 Indian clothing brands for women that are versatile and you will find a garment that will match your taste and requirements.

1.1. Biba

Biba is a ‘Made in India’ clothing brand that is reliable and loved by Indian women of every age. There are many stores of Biba in India at different locations and you can also find their collection online.

From aesthetic Kurtis, mix match, to fusion Kurta sets, you will see extensive use of our rich heritage in their collection. This is among the best Indian clothing brands that is well-known for its high-quality fabric, marvellous prints, and unique designs.

Biba is adorning girls of every age with their irresistible designs and suit sets all over India. You will find many celebrities wearing their collection and you can notice their reach and brand name.

If you are someone who has an eye for contemporary ethnic garments at budget-friendly prices, then Biba is the perfect brand for you.

1.2. FabIndia

FabIndia is an esteemed Indian fashion brand that caters to the diverse needs of women of all age groups. You will find a perfect blend of ethnic and Western wear. So if you are looking for high-quality fabric with an aesthetic appeal, then this is the brand for you.

If you want to add a minimalist collection to your wardrobe that will never go outdated, then this is the perfect brand for you.

This brand will never disappoint you with its clothing, home decor, and accessories collection. What most women love about this brand is that they get access to vogue collections at affordable prices.

FabIndia’s collections stand out in the market because of its distinctiveness, elegance, and high-quality fabric. Every girl will find something to suit their taste as they have an unmatched collection.

1.3. Global Desi

Are you obsessed with the boho collection? If your answer is yes and you have a knack for bohemian fashion, then you would not want to miss the chance of checking out their exclusive collection. This is a one-stop store to find chic, boho, and trendy collections.

Global Desi collection design displays boho fashion blended with ethnic designs. It is Anita Dongre’s collection and she has focused on creating a unique collection that you will not find in every store.

Update your style game and make a statement by picking from their wide range of bohemian collections.

So if you are a fan of fusion wear and want to grab the attention of the crowd, then you will find something that will fit your budget and taste.

1.4. W for Women

Like many Indian clothing brands, W for Women is a well-known brand that never disappoints customers. It is a one-stop store where you will find experimental designs and unique patterns.

From ethnic kurta, and stylish palazzos, to festive wear sets, every girl can find an outfit that they are comfortable wearing and can set a style statement. This brand is known for its minimal designs yet making an impression.

Whether you want workwear or casual wear, this brand is just the perfect match for you. This brand embodies an infused collection of ethnic and Western wear.

Without any doubt, you will love their collection if you are a homemaker, working woman, college girl, or little girl as they cater to the diverse needs of Indian ladies.

1.5. The Label-Ritu Kumar

Revive your wardrobe and flaunt a unique style with the The Label Ritu Kumar. Her collection has brought a revolution in the Indian market as her collection is a perfect blend of Indian and fusion themes.

Stand out in the crowd by wearing her contemporary collection as it is renowned for its distinctive print and sophisticated embroideries.

With so many options, go ahead and pick an outfit that you can style in so many ways. Her collection is available in stores and online and you will find a wide range of collections where every girl will find a garment that matches their style and choice.

From dresses, gowns, suits, and sarees, to lehengas, you will find the uniqueness in her classic collection.

1.6. Urban Suburban

Urban Suburban is one of the popular Indian clothing brands that offers stylish and comfortable clothing options for Indian women. They prioritize sustainability and local sourcing, and they believe in empowering women through fashion.

The brand’s goal is to make women feel confident and empowered, whether they are working professionals or homemakers. They offer a range of clothing options for different occasions, from dressing up for a special day to keeping it simple and casual.

Urban Suburban’s logo represents its unique approach to fashion. It combines Indian and Western textiles to create fashionable clothing. While they take inspiration from global fashion trends, they also consider the specific needs and preferences of Indian women, taking into account factors like society, family, work environment, and more.

1.7. Anokhi

Anokhi is amongst renowned Indian clothing brands with a rich history rooted in Jaipur, a city known for its arts and crafts. The brand was founded in 1970 by John and Faith Singh at a time when Jaipur’s traditional block printing industry was facing challenges.

To help revive these traditional crafts, Anokhi began collaborating with artisans in and around Jaipur, including block carvers, printers, dyers, embroiderers, and bead workers. They aimed to create a sustainable livelihood for these artisans and maintain an honest relationship with them.

Anokhi became known for its commitment to good business practices and the revival of traditional textile skills. Handmade pieces from Anokhi can be found in independent shops worldwide, from Paris to Kyoto to San Francisco.

1.8. Doodlage

Doodlage is another amazing Indian clothing brands with a strong commitment to sustainability and creativity. They have a unique approach to fashion that’s good for the planet. Instead of wasting materials, they find clever ways to use leftover fabric and other resources.

One of their cool ideas is “upcycling.” They take factory waste that would usually be thrown away and turn it into new and fashionable clothing. This not only reduces waste but also gives new life to materials that might have been wasted.

What’s cool is that they don’t stop at clothing. They take the stuff they can’t use and turn it into accessories, home furnishings, and even paper for their packaging. They try to use as little plastic as possible in their packaging, too, which is great for reducing plastic waste.

So, if you like stylish, eco-friendly fashion and want to support a brand that cares about the Earth, Doodlage is a great choice. They’re all about making fashion that’s not just trendy but also good for the world we live in.

1.9. Nappa Dori

Nappa Dori is a renowned contemporary design brand from India that has gained international recognition for its unique design style and commitment to craftsmanship. Gautam Sinha, the Founder and Creative Director of Nappa Dori, has been instrumental in the brand’s success story.

Nappa Dori’s products are characterized by their attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship. The brand has expanded its presence from a single store in Hauz Khas Village in Delhi to over 20 countries, a testament to Gautam Sinha’s creative vision and the brand’s appeal to an international audience.

Nappa Dori’s product range extends beyond fashion to include the popular Café Dori concept, which offers culinary creations inspired by the brand’s creative sensibilities. Today, Nappa Dori has flagship stores in India and the United Kingdom, and its products are available online and in leading design stores worldwide, including prestigious outlets like Fortnum & Mason, Conran Shop, and Selfridges.

The brand’s boutiques in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Dubai showcase its commitment to delivering exceptional design and craftsmanship to a discerning clientele.

1.10. Nicobar

Nicobar is a unique brand that values culture as much as it values business. The founders, Raul Rai and Simran Lal, wanted to create something different. They realized that many Indian clothing brands were driven by trends and didn’t prioritize quality and longevity. They felt that the fashion industry was moving too fast and wanted to offer products that were designed to last, inspired by nature, and made from natural materials. Their goal was to design products they would use themselves but couldn’t find in India—products that blended India’s rich history with a global appeal.

They focus on clothing that can be worn for years and homeware that lasts a lifetime. Quality is paramount, and they pay attention to fabrics, fit, and form. Their collection emphasizes simplicity, versatility, and the ability to layer without the distraction of big logos. They love adding small, delightful details to their products to make everyday life extraordinary, such as unique collar and cuff designs and carefully chosen button threads.

2. Conclusion

In this article, we’ve learned about 10 special Indian clothing brands for women. These brands are like fashion storytellers, combining India’s rich traditions with modern designs. They offer women a wide range of clothing that celebrates both heritage and creativity.

Each brand has its own unique style, and they all show how diverse and wonderful Indian fashion can be. As we finish reading about these Indian clothing brands, we can appreciate how they’ve made fashion more exciting and meaningful, letting women express their individuality while honouring India’s cultural heritage. These brands prove that Indian fashion is timeless and always evolving, and they continue to inspire women all over the world.

So, what do you think about these Indian clothing brands for women? Leave your comments below!

3. FAQs

  • What are the top Indian designer clothing brands?

Some of the top Indian designer clothing brands include Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Anita Dongre, Ritu Kumar, and Tarun Tahiliani, known for their exquisite traditional and contemporary designs.

  • Which clothing brands are Indian?

Several clothing brands are Indian, such as FabIndia, Biba, W, and Manyavar, offering a diverse range of fashion styles, from ethnic wear to modern clothing.

  • What are the Indian design brands?

Indian design brands encompass a wide range of creative fields, including fashion, interior design, and more. Some notable names in the Indian design scene include Good Earth, Raw Mango, and Studio Mumbai, each excelling in their respective domains.