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Confidence is the most beautiful thing one can possess in our world, and it all starts how you present yourself with your office attire in the office environment. It is a hardcore reality that with confidence, you have won every battle much before you have started it.

Confidence is also the most sought after executive quality that is required in the corporate world to climb up the success ladder. And you can not ignore the importance of your appearance (office attire and personal grooming ) in the working place.  

Being a confident executive, you tend to command more respect in every social and professional interaction throughout the day. The result is a  “ feel-good factor”, but you must know the basics of dressing well with the right type of office attire.

Indian Men’s Corporate Style Guide – Get Your Basics Clear to Choose the Right Office Attire

Choosing the right office attire is essential, as it can boost your image and confidence in the workplace.   Stay updated with fashion trends by opting for trending patterns and colour combinations. I am sure that career-minded professional, like you, will find the below listed advises on your office attire pretty useful as that would give you an edge over other.

The Basics of Formal dress Code: A few Tips

A business formal dress code is a type of formalwear that’s well-suited in an office environment. It’s not difficult to achieve this look; A standard business formal attire, for men, is a matching suit, complete with a jacket, a button-up shirt, tie and pants.

All elements of your office attire need to match with each other,  your shirt should be complementing the colour of your three-piece suit or your blazer. The shirt should also fit your tie; however, feel free to go for the bold prints or colourful shades.

Make sure that you only try out adequately ironed clothes; they must be crisp and clean-looking. Leather shoes are the best; however, clean and polish them regularly, so that they always look sharp and presentable. 

Office attire that Inspires confidence

#Men’s Shirts For your day to day Wear

The golden word is that you pick up something sharp and comfortable. A shirt is the very basic’s of every man’s wardrobe.  First of all, make sure that your shirt must be ironed and tucked into the bottoms. India, being a country with a tropical climate, you should consider picking up shirts made of linen, twill, or cotton  – the right choice for hard-wearing.

A couple of few advises when you pick up your office shirt. Make sure that you stay away from poorly stitched shirts. Depending upon your personal preference, you may go in for either Windsor collar or button-down collar. Both are OK for office wear. Both the long sleeves and half sleeves go well in a business set up, depending upon how formal is the occasion.

Neutral colours, like grey, white, and blue, are the best choice for everyday work. Patterns are your style statement. Both vertical and checkered trends do work well in a corporate environment. Equally important is that your working shirt needs to have the right fit, to make the final impression.

# Men’s Dress Pants

Smart styled formal dark colour trousers work well in every business set up. There are exceptions like advertising, fashion designing, apparel buying house and modelling agencies, where straight-cut dark jeans are also acceptable.

Straight cut pants that fit well are perfect for your comfort, and you never struggle with  “squeezed” feeling whenever you move around. A professional work environment calls for a conservative dress code and formal dressing.  A big “NO” to flared pants and casual jeans. Your pants shouldn’t be too long that they flap around your feet. And finally, give your dress pant with a quality belt to pull your look together.

# Office Tie: A great way to show off your Style

Ties are essential for a well-dressed man that gives a perfect formal look.  Make sure that pick the right quality silk tie, preferably a collection of silk ties in different colour combination. Your standard tie length should reach just past your belt buckle. Width, however, depends on your upper body build, and the lapels of your formal blazer.

 The colour of your tie would depend on the rest of your outfit. Burgundy and red are classic colours, and the navy blue is also a cool colour. Solid colour ties are fun and functional, but a patterned tie can make you stand apart. Classic patterns like striped, and checked, can be your style statement.

# Men’s Guide to Formal office Shoes

Office shoes are a part of your overall attires that we cannot live without, and you need at least two to three standard pair in your wardrobe. But whether you wear them daily, or a couple of times like formal office events, it is a bit tricky to know which Style to go for, and the best is to use your judgment.

Men’s formal shoes is an investment. They are expensive, and prices vary from Style to Style and brand to brand, it’s worth finding the best quality pair to suit your budget.  Buying your formal office shoes includes the choices of colours that gels well with your style sense, comfort and your overall dressing style.

A word of caution,  if you’re wearing new formal shoes to any office event for the first time, take some time to wear them ( may practice a bit of catwalk at home) to avoid hours of discomfort! 

# Blazer: A must for any boardroom type meetings.

A blazer can make you look smart all the time. Wear a blazer to look more confident, especially if you are going for a boardroom presentation or when you are meeting with the top management team.

Having a dark blazer and an extra pair of formal shoes in your saloon car is a right contingency solution. Use it once you arrive at a meeting and get a feeling that you’re a bit underdressed. .Lighter colours of blazers are appropriate for summer months. But darker colours are better for the winter days.

# Your Socks, Belts, Handkerchiefs, Watches and Wallets: Wear them for a Stylistic Effect.

Your watch should match the rest of your jewellery; a watch with a silver strap would match up with silver-coloured cufflinks and your non-wedding rings. Make sure that it has a comfortable size for your wrist and the width is just right. Trusty black strap watch with a gold or silver casing is perfect that goes well with your regular office attire.

Go for a billfold or a sports wallet

A perfect wallet for the men at work is the classic billfold wallet. It is a thin, flat, folding case, often of leather, for carrying paper money in the pocket and with fewer compartments. Any sporty looks wallet is also a cool choice.

Your Socks should be No” mismatch” but a good match

Ideally, your socks and your pants should have similar colour shades. It will help make your office attire look more uniform and streamlined, with the result that you’ll have a more professional look overall.  May go in with patterned socks, but make sure that your trouser colour is present somewhere in the design of the socks.

Belts that brings forth the best of you

Length of the belt matters a lot and the longer belts are always a better fit for most men, whereas shorter straps might be the right choice for men with smaller waists. If you want a good fit, go for belts that are two or three sizes bigger than your actual pants, so that there’s more space in between the notches. A good quality belt always pulls your look together.

Handkerchiefs: Giving you the finishing touch

While there is a preference for patterned pocket squares, plain ones always look professional. You can match them with your tie colour for the day. In particular,  a white one; is very versatile, suiting every event. Our advise that you must coordinate your pocket handkerchief with the rest of office attire.

Wrapping Up!

That all my corporate friends in our style guide today. I hope our office attire tips would always come handy and make you stay stylish!  What is vital that you can work in comfort and Style during office hours. The selection of your office attire should provide you with a sense of professionalism and gives you that “Zing thing ” – your confidence throughout the working hours.