discount coupons

Shoppers, like me, never like to pay a full price for buying products or services online. I always look for discount coupons for my online shopping.

Today every rupee saved is every rupee earned. COVID 19 has hit the world economy hard, and we all like to save little money and look for deals and discount coupons online. Our Smartphone has made our life bit easy on this, and  digital discount coupons and deals are here to stay

21st-century E-commerce trade heavily relies on “Digital Coupons”.  “Give Discounts, Get a Lot More” is the simple marketing strategy for all the leading E-commerce and Retail portals. Besides getting more traffic for the “Sale”, Digital discount coupons /offers to help the brands to grow their social media fan followings, email marketing list and the usage of the mobile apps.

Today 90% of online shoppers use coupons digital coupon, and by 2020,  discount coupons redemptions are likely to surpass $90 billion globally. So online discount coupons are happening trade and let us try to understand what exactly it is all about and how to find discount coupons for online shopping.

What Are the Digital discount coupons?

Digital discount coupons are discounts offered by retailers to customers and aimed at enticing a consumer to purchase from the retailer’s website by providing a particular percentage discount, free shipping, or other values.

Retailers design web sites specifically to encourage shoppers to search, add to cart, and buy on the spot, instead of stopping between shopping and checkout to apply money-saving codes.  Coupon codes, popular as promo codes or discount codes, can save you much money and give your shopping a  pleasure in terms of benefits.

How to find discount coupons online?

For online-savvy customers, it may not be a big deal. They already have information on the website and apps, which are providing “great deals”. However, the new entrants (first time or once in a while online shoppers) require some guidelines which are as follows.

Undertake a general Internet search

It is as simple as “ just Google it”  with a basic description of the product/brand along with the phrase  “online discount coupons.” And you will get a good number of search results that may interest you. Besides Google, there are several other search engines, which you may try out.

Undertake a more specific Internet search

You may use any search engine to find discount coupons for specific online stores. Type in the product or company name with the phrase “online discount coupons.” Put both of them in quotation marks to narrow your search results.

Browse dedicated discount coupons Websites

Type  “online discount coupons websites” into  ” Google ” to find a list of dedicated discount coupons websites. You must make a double check that the website is offering discount coupons for online shopping too.  Compare the deals and coupons between websites. Save the coupon code that interests you for your next online purchase.

Take the help of Social Media

Please check online about the online discount coupons companies, having a social media presence, and you may follow those brands on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Any new discount, deals and other updates of the company would automatically reach your inbox, once you follow the brand.

Look for Loyalty Programs

Find out the companies that offer loyalty programs (offering coupons and discounts to repeat customers) for online shopping. Register your information with the company and include your email address to receive up-to-date coupon information at your inbox. Some companies may offer a membership card or unique customer number for your purchases. Use the same whenever you purchase an item online.

Share the deal to your online followers /friends and gets rewarded!!

Give the coupon code to your friend or relative. The reward may be in the form of a cash discount coupons for your next purchase online.

Look out for Free Shipping Offer

Once you manage to succeed in availing free shipping, know that you can lay your hands on some great online shopping deals.  Here are some tips:

  • Before making the purchase, ensure that you will get free shipping from the company.
  • Reach social media channels of the eCommerce site and send a  message requesting for free shipping. Who knows, you might get the best online discount coupons with free shipping just by asking!

Shopping through Mobile Apps from the comfort of your home

E-commerce has brought in a shopping revolution in our life. We can browse through with theSmartphone from anywhere to place the order for the brand /product of our choice. 

There are a good number of mobile shopping apps available that works in various ways to help you to save money on online shopping. Some of the apps are useful even if you’re not purchasing anything.

They will send notifications when something is on sale and have a discount coupons offer.  With these apps available on the net, there’s no reason to pay full price for anything you buy online.

Leading Mobile Apps Review that facilitates offers, values and discount coupons for online shopping


“GrabOn Coupons app”  is a leading Indian app, doing well in coupons and deals sector. They provides coupon code across 250+ categories ranging from mobile/DTH recharge to food, electronics, fashion and more.

Associated with  4000 merchant establishment across the country, GrabOn offers coupon codes for Jio, Freecharge, Byjus, Paytm recharge, Swiggy, Snapdeal and Oyo along with Amazon offers, Flipkart coupons and other exciting deals.


“Coupon Dunia “is another popular Indian app that offer cashback for over 2000 plus Indian online shopping websites. Every rupee you earn as a cashback is a rupee that you can spend it online on anything you love.  The coupons present in the app are always updated and verified from time to time.

Coupon Moto

“Coupon Moto”, is another famous Indian app that comes with thousands of great offers, hot deals, and discount coupons. The app gives coupon codes across 500 plus Categories in  Fashion, Electronics, Food, Recharge and many more. And 750  plus online shopping sites like Flipkart, Paytm, and  JoBong. The app aims to provide a better shopping experience that offers the latest coupons every time.


 “Desi Dime”  deals and coupons app is India’s first and largest online shopping community. It is a one-stop destination for you that helps to make the most informed shopping decisions. Here you get the latest discount coupons,  deals and offers from over 1000+ online shopping websites in India. With a robust online community of over  12 Lac users  who keep on  posting, reviewing and rating the offers from a various e-commerce store., The app brings the latest, active and often hidden deals and coupons for the shoppers.

Bottom Line

With the convenience of online shopping and tempting shopping deals with coupons, shopping lovers today shop more than ever.

It has made online shopping a great fun! If you, too, are a big fan of online shopping deals and discount coupons, read the post and get ready for your festival shopping. Happy shopping as the Indian festival seasons are approaching fast with the“ Navratra Celebrations”.