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Jeans have become a go-to outfit for every woman regardless of their age. Stylists and designers these days come up with a variety of stylish jeans for girls.

You can now survive an entire week just with a pair of your favourite jeans. Isn’t that something you were looking for? Jeans can easily complement any body shape and tops, and that’s why they are quintessential in everyone’s wardrobe.

This contemporary piece suits every occasion, be it a dinner date, a brunch party, shopping, or an official meeting. Find out how to pair your jeans with different tops and accessories to make every day a special day.

Continue reading this article to slay a desi or western look with the same pair of your super comfortable jeans.

1.    Stylish Jeans for Girls to Rock the Party

If you are a party freak and tired of choosing different party wear every time, here is a great idea for you. Wear a pair of super skinny cropped black jeans and partner it with a glittery black ruffled or puffed sleeve top.

For more elegant vibes, add a pair of heels and complete your chic look. You can go with a cute bow or a contrast belt for that extra bit of prettiness.

Keep in mind – Play with dark shades that are glittery to keep your party aura high.

Things to avoid – Sober and multi coloured tops.

Our Recommendations – For a comfortable fit and good quality jeans, try Spykar Women’s Casual Slim Jeans and Miss Chase Women’s Super Stretchable Black Skinny High Rise Cropped Denim Jeans.

2.    Subtle Professional Look for Official Meetings

Now, most organizations appreciate business casuals or semi-formals. So, you can now enjoy the comfort of your super-cool jeans even at your workplace.

But, the question is how to style your jeans for that extra-smart look? Put together your favourite jeans with contrast yet subtle button-up shirt or top. Complement it with a simple belt and watch.

Keep in mind – Dark jeans with a light shade shirt/top goes well for a professional look.

Things to avoid – Say no to tops with flashy colours and too many details.

Our Recommendations – For a subtle look, choose Miss Chase Women’s Navy Blue Skinny Fit High Rise Stretchable Denim Jeans and Lee Women’s Skinny Fit Jeans.

3.    Stylish Jeans for Girls who Love Indo -Western Look

Don’t want to repeat the same old ethnic outfits and want to slay a different style? Match your favourite denim ensemble with a vibrant one-shoulder, off-shoulder, or cold-shoulder crop top.

Sheer through puff sleeves with slim-fit crop top can also be paired with bell-bottom white jeans. For a more glammed up look, slip in a pair of wedges or stilettos along with a fashionable choker.

Keep in mind – Light shade jeans with pastel top make a classy combo.

Things to avoid – Shoes never go well with this look.

Our Recommendations – Try Miss Chase Women’s White Skinny Fit High Rise Stretchable Denim Jeans and Nifty Women’s Denim Stretchable Bootcut Jeans.

4.    Jeans for the Saree Lover in You

A saree is always considered a traditional piece of elegance and is restricted to certain special occasions. However, stylists, these days come up with quirky saree draping ideas with stylish jeans for girls.

Drape your mom’s georgette, chiffon, or crepe saree perfectly over your ripped jeans. This way you can flaunt a perfect balance between your traditional and trendy look.

A pair of peep-toe heels or wedges will give you a complete look. Also, don’t forget a statement belt.

Keep in mind – To make it look even more quirky, you can wear a pair of sneakers.

Things to avoid – Don’t overboard with jewellery as you’d do on a traditional saree.

Our recommendations – For a great fit and stylish look, we suggest you go for Roadster Women Skinny Fit Jeans, Miss Chase Women White Skinny Fit Mid-Rise Slash Knee Jeans, and Kraus Jeans Women Push Up Mid-Rise Low Distress Stretchable Jeans.

5.    Glam Up the Tomboy Look

You don’t like to go all pink. Don’t you? That’s why we recommend you wear your favourite distressed jeans with an over-sized tee shirt with a long sleeve shirt tied around your waist.

If this doesn’t interest you pair a crop top hoodie with baggie jeans. Add a bold belt for a rocking look. A pair of sneakers or ankle-length boots would make you steal the show.

Keep in mind – Limited accessories and a backpack will be a good match. A tattoo can give you that extra edge.

Things to avoid – Keep either the tops quirky or your jeans. Overdoing both will mess up the look.

Our recommendations – For the bold and beautiful you, we recommend Roadster Women Black Skinny Fit Mid-Rise Highly Distressed Stretchable Jeans and Tokyo Talkies Women Blue Flared Mid-Rise Clean Look Jeans.

6.    Style with Sweater and Jacket

With the winters arriving, you may be thinking of ways to show off your all-time favourite sweaters and jackets. Go monochromatic with the jeans and sweater, and twin it with a contrast leather or denim jacket.

Also, you can put together a turtle neck sweater and a distressed slim fit jean with a long cardigan. Roll up the sleeves and accessorize with a simple watch. A stylish pair of ankle or knee-length boots will add that sophisticated look.

Keep in mind – When you go monochromatic, wear subtle colours without many details or designs.

Things to avoid – Bold belts, handbags with too many details, and flat slippers are a strict no.

Our Recommendations – Try Roadster Women Blue Skinny Fit Mid-Rise Mildly Distressed Stretchable Cropped Jeans and Miss Chase Women Navy Blue Slim Fit High-Rise Clean Look Jeans.

Wrapping Up

Any occasion, colour, design, and body shape are fine with stylish jeans for girls. In the current modern era, jeans are something that no girl can ever give up.

This is not just because it’s comfortable, but also it’s the only piece that can be worn anywhere and everywhere. Besides, it can stay in your wardrobe as long as you feel. So, why not break the routine and style it in different ways?

If you loved our styling ideas, don’t hesitate to tell us your favourite ones. For more such interesting write-ups related to lifestyle, fashion, and beauty Subscribe to “Style Groves”.

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