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Your footwear is an essential aspect of your overall attire. Always go for the best footwear for men. It speaks a lot about you and your personality. “A man is always judged by his shoes”- an old saying . Your pair of shoe/footwear is the first thing, noticed by others.

Your eyes work as a window to your soul, but your shoes are the window to just about everything rest.

What you finally select and put on your boots, it reflects something about you.

It presents the element of “laziness “(wearing socks with slip-on sandals), or obliviousness (if you are wearing untied sneakers) or keen style observer  (if you are wearing the stylish suede desert boots). Never take things casually instead go for the best footwear for men.

It is a perception that women are bit choosy about the collection of their shoes. Well, that’s an old school of thought, If mannerism and conduct are the marks of a man’s recognition, but his shoes make him stylish and standing apart.

You may have a good collection of your formal dress shoes, but make sure to upgrade your gym-going shoes. If you are going for a drink in the club with your old buddies, or meeting your girlfriend in the coffee shop, rule out lethargy and other flips- flops and try out a smart-casual pair.

Your choice of shoes are equally ( if not more) important as the rest of your attire and never be reluctant when it comes to investing in shoes.

Different types of Footwear for Men

There are various occasions in our life, and you got to make the right selection of shoes befitting each of them.

Does it sound overwhelming or bit scary? 

NO! you have arrived at  ” Stylegroves“, the fashion advisory portal . Just read on, we are going to break it down for you and make the life easy.

Shoes for New Normal – Work from Home

COVID 19 has hit all of us badly. . Be it socially, economically or professionally, we are all adjusting to continuous hand washing in intervals, facemask, cough etiquette and 3 feet distance from your immediate neighbours. These are the new normal in our life.

People are scared, and most of us prefer to working from home, But dressing up in the house is equally important as that plays a role in getting us into the mindset of being more serious, efficient and productive.

Moreover, your clients or boss is coming in front of you in every half an hour through Zoom, Skype or Google Meet up, and you require to be presentable with the necessary professional attire.

Monday, blue has a killer effect to get into the work. We recommend you never get into your regular bathroom slipper while sitting at your desk, instead wear a semi-formal Slip-Ons.

If you have separate study and you may try out outfits like your track pants, an easy T-shirt / ( hoodies in winter) along with your Skechers Sneakers to give you energy mindset. For the regular working days, jeans with white T-shirts and a pair of loafers are just sufficient to provide you with that extra push and being productive.

Going Out on a Formal Mission

With unlocking 5.0 ( initiated by the government from the month of October 20, with an expectation to bring India and the people back to semi normalcy) and going out for work, business and various other occasions would be the order of the day. Your formal leather shoes are already back into action.

We always pay a rich tribute to the collection of our leather shoes in the wardrobe. And they are your all-time favourite for a reason. They exude a class, unparallel sophistication, flamboyance and style, transforming your personality. They create magic on your feet, and suddenly you become the leader of your pack. 

They look stunning, and you get everyone’s attention without vying for it. Be it for work, formal cocktail and travel, and these shoes will certainly make you Mr Perfect! Your “Brogues“, “Oxfords” are typically for the high-end corporate occasion and “Loafers” are fit for 365 days.

Lighter Occasion like “Card Games”

With the festival of lights “Diwali”, slated in the middle of November ’20, it will be the happening things in our life. Preparation for the unique tradition has already begun amongst the young couples. Wear your favourite Blue Mocassins with comfy khaki pants and a loose fit shirt or a chikan kurta. You’re all set to be the winner.

Planning to Visit the IPL Match for your favourite Team

Shine your Tan Brown Moccasins with a pair of beige colour canvass jeans and a matching solid coloured shirt on top. Keep a matching cap with a brown Ray-ban glass, to protect you from the sun inside the stadium. Cheer up Virat Kohli’s Team for every sixes, they hit. 

Be the Show stopper in your friend’s Wedding Bash

Pick up your Black Oxford from the wardrobe for the wedding party. A black colour suit with a matching shirt and tie will be an ideal combination that goes well with your Black Oxford. Supported by a bit of personal grooming in the evening, will undoubtedly make you the showstopper in the event. And if you are still a bachelor, your days of bachelorhood would soon come to an end.

Come December – Party Time is Back Again

DECEMBER – the month of celebration will be arriving soon. Everybody getting ready to welcome the year 2021 with X-mass and New year’s eve celebration. All men are looking forward to rocking the floors with their better half across the country.

Elegant formal wear coupled with the smart pair of shoes in the right colour combination would be visible everywhere during the party session. All metros and state capitals, the spirits of celebration would be the common thing.

When it comes to your colour choice of the shoes, Black would always be dressier than brown. Glossy leather shoes are the perfect option for everyone. If you’re suiting up for a formal wear event, go with the Black only ( be it your office party or any formal cocktail evening).

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Wear “Oxfords” for your new year eve celebration

Oxfords are perhaps the finest and best, footwear with a regal touch. The shoes have originated from Scotland and are ideally your best pick for formal wear, black and brown being the most preferred colours.

It is a lace-up shoe built to be worn below your ankle. It is divided into balmorals and bluchers due to the difference in their lacing systems. Balmorals are famous as “oxfords,” while bluchers are famous as Derbys.

Balmoral oxfords use a closed lacing system and are typically styled more simply than bluchers. Thus balmoral oxfords are classified as the dressier of the two; they are best with suits and formal wear.

Black VS Brown Shoes

It’s an age-old question and controversy and has been quite a challenge for fashion experts to answer. Here I would say that there is no single rule in Men’s fashion which is absolute.  

Today men’s fashion allows us to use a broader range of colours in our daily wardrobe and a lot of new shoe brands offers colour in shades of green, red, and blue. However, the most versatile colours in men’s shoe fashion are black or brown. 

Black colour shoes are an ideal fit for every formal occasion; however, if you are planning to go out with your favourite denim, then obviously brown is the colour of the day.

We write “Style rules”  in pencil, but not ink. Everyone should play around and discover their style and tell the world about their style statement.