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Ayurveda has become the new age mantra for Indian consumers. The best herbal brands in India are carrying forward the messages of the ancient legacy of Ayurveda in all their marketing campaigns. The industry insiders agree that the natural and organic products would be top reckoner for tomorrow’s business in beauty, skincare and wellness domain.

The best herbal cosmetic brands in India use natural ingredients like herbs, plants in their products. They engage with our new generation Indian customers successfully, offering holistic solutions in beauty, skincare and wellness.

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Reputed brands like Biotique, Organic India, Forest Essentials, Ayur Herbals, Khadi Naturals, and Patanjali have already made their mark in this space and moving further to introduce more creative product lines. It is the time to explore the latest in beauty, skincare and wellness for your next round of shopping.

Top 5 best herbal brands in India

1. BIOTIQUE: The Brand with the Younger Appeal

When it comes to the best herbal cosmetics brands in India,  “Biotique”  always tops in our recall. The success of “ Biotique” is mainly due to its technology-driven innovative marketing initiatives and correct market positioning of the brand with the “Younger Appeal “ in the market.

Biotique is the perfect blend of our ancient Ayurvedic therapies and modern Swiss biotechnology. The brand has captured the aspirations of the elite global clientele. Celebrities including the likes of  Demi Moore, Kate Moss and Prince Charles (and many more) are already a loyal customer of the brand.

Biotique Almond Kajal, not only beautifies your eyes by darkening it but also has a healthy contribution due to presence of almond ( rich in vitamin E). The Kajal nourishes your eyes and recognized as a premium eye care product in India.

2. Forest Essentials: Doing It All Natural

Making the mark as an Indian beauty brand, the company pioneers the concept of  “ Luxury Ayurveda “. The brand has a conviction that our ancient beauty rituals, in combination with authentic herbal extracts and pure essential oils, can help us to retain the youthfulness of our skin.  The brand also featured among the best of coveted beauty brands from Asia by the famous Oprah Magazine.

As per the popularity rating of the leading Indian E-commerce portals, the  “ Facial Mists ( both Rose and Panchpushp facial mist), Bath and Shower Oils and Soundarya Radiance Cream from Forest Essentials are the cherry-picks in the market.

3. Ayur Herbals: Close to Nature, Close to You

“Ayur Herbals “ is one of the oldest and best herbal cosmetic brands in India. The brand’s mission is to make you look great without worries about any ill-effects on your skin and hair.

Ayur Anti Sun Tan Face Pack, Ayur deep pore cleansing milk, Ayur herbal All-purpose cream with aloe vera are available in exciting packaging with great price offers, and all-time favourites to the Indian consumers.

4. Khadi Natural: Return to nature

Khadi Natural Healthcare is a leading Indian manufacturer and marketer for natural and authentic herbal beauty products. Its products have the presence of organically grown pure plant extracts.

In the demanding hair care segment “ Khadi Brahmi Bhringraj Amla Hair Oil ”  is quite popular. The regular usage stops your hair fall, cures dandruff, stops premature greying and promotes healthy hair growth. Equally famous is “ Khadi Herbal Soap” that is handmade and never makes your skin dry and its natural fragrance lingers throughout the day.

5. Patanjali: Prakriti ka Ashirwad

Founded by Baba Ramdev in 2007, the brand “Patanjali” started getting popular in market since 2015. Today it is a Rs 2500 Cr beauty giant and even an eyesore to leading international brands.

The brand’s USP lies in its claim of using all-natural ingredients with  Ayurvedic benefits, rooted in our ancient Ayurveda. It captures the soul and spirits of new India looking for alternatives to the chemical-loaded products.

The success of  Patanjali, which has a host of herbal products in beauty, skincare and haircare domain is only evident when quite a few leading beauty bloggers started reviewing the Patanjali products in their online review and television chat shows.

The Top Handpicks from Patanjali

Patanjali’s Saundarya face wash ranks top on the list. It only contains natural herbs such as tulsi, neem, aloe vera, and orange peel extract. The face wash gently revitalizes and nourish the skin tissues. It makes the skin clean and keeps your complexion smooth and fresh—an excellent choice for the people with oily skin.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Natural Hair Cleanser is another preferred one for the people suffering from hair problems. It does wonder to all your hair problems and brings back the life in your hair.  Made with natural herbs like   Bhringraj, Shikakai, Mehendi, Neem, Reetha, and turmeric, this shampoo helps strengthen your hair while leaving it squeaky clean.

The Indian Herbal Story: Where Our Tradition Met with The Modern Technology, extending Total Well Being

Wellness, beauty, skincare and the herbal sciences, are the subjects that have been fascinating us since time immemorial.  We have had a glimpse of them even in our history textbooks ( the likes of Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Mud Musk of Jordanian Red Sea  ) and various other tales originating from Persian, Arabian and Hindu mythologies.

The same tradition is continuing in our millennium, where our ancient science of Ayurveda is getting revived. The best herbal cosmetic brands in India with their new business mindset are revolutionizing the market place for new generation herbal products. They are striving hard to extend the style, sensorial experience and pleasure to the consumers. And the most beneficiaries of the end game are usthe new-gen Indian consumers.

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