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Men’s grooming is always a buzz before and even after Covid-19. Stay-at-home rules are pushing men to adopt an entire range of grooming products for men rather than sticking to one or two products.

The searches for beard and hair trimmers have increased by 40% compared to last 6 months.  Specific brands have seen a significant growth in sales amid the adoption of full-fledged grooming routines.

Skin and hair care products are amongst the most popular grooming items for men. Whether it’s an office meeting or social distance activity with friends, the below products will give you an extra boost of confidence.

Top 5 Grooming products for men

1. Nivea Face Wash for Men

Quality face wash forms an essential part of men’s skincare. A single bout of face wash keeps our skin soft, clean, and pure. Use face wash every alternative day for the best results. There are plenty of face washes available for men.

I, personally, recommend Nivea All-in-one face wash for men. Enriched with the goodness of Vitamin C and other essential substances, it helps stop harmful bacteria and viruses from permeating our skin.

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2. Set Wet Hair Gel

Marico’s Set Wet Hair Gel is another indispensable male grooming product. It is the best solution to the problem of frizzy and messy hair. These quarantine days, hair gel is an alternative to sticky hair oil. Get the desired style and shape by applying a little quantity of gel to your hair.

It’s free from all harmful chemicals and other compounds. It’s hair-friendly and doesn’t harm the hair. Use Set Wet to flaunt your new hairstyle at home. For best results, you should use Set wet hair gel once a week or before a particular event or occasion.

3. Philips Beard Trimmers

Philips hair and beard trimmers are other alternatives to salons and men spa. Considering the current COVID era, you can safely rely on Philips beard trimmers. The brand boasts of selling quality beard trimmers with different shapes, sizes, and features.

You can easily pick out a trimmer as per your choice and get a well-groomed look. Trimmers come with a battery backup of 45 minutes to 10 hours.

I feel Philips cordless grooming kit is perfect. It includes a body trimmer and a beard trimmer as well. Though a little expensive – it’s compact, stylish, and cordless. You can try a wide range of new hair and beard style using these trimmers.

4. NIVEA Men Shaving Foam

Shaving foams are a lot better than shaving creams and gels. Nivea Men Shaving foam is a perfect option for a comfortable shave at home. You can use or the Nivea shaving foam for your daily shaving needs. It’s enriched with Hamamelis and Chamomile to protect your cheeks and face from unwanted cuts.

Nivea Shaving foam is full of Vitamin E and other substances to keep your skin moisturized during and aftershave. It doesn’t cause a burning sensation and gives a refreshing feel. Men with sensitive skin should use foam to stay safe from accidental skin cuts and itchiness.

5. Nivea After Shave Lotion

Nivea after shave lotion with a refreshing fragrance and cooling sensation gives a cool, glowing, and refreshing feel on your face. It also protects your skin from minor cuts and irritation, keeping your skin moisturized, scented, and soft.

It is a dermatological-tested product and forms part of the must-needed grooming products for men. The product has Active Charcoal to extract out any impure compounds from the interior pores of your skin.


The above grooming products will help you retain a neat, tidy, and smart look throughout this quarantine period. Today, grooming products are not just limited to deodorants and talcum powders but include a lot.

Cosmetic products for men are a billion-dollar industry worldwide. Face wash, shaving foam, after shaving lotion, and beard trimmers form the core part of grooming essentials for men. Other essential personal care items for men include soap, powder, quality razors, deodorants, and much more.

No doubt, personal grooming products for men boost the confidence levels. What is your opinion about these grooming products? Leave your comments below!