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From the Days of Maharajas to our digital era, Indian watches have come a long way. Today homegrown Indian luxury branded watches for women are at par with the best of international brands. Indian watchmakers ensure that all wristwatches have superior technology, quality standards and great looks before they reach the retails. 

Our homegrown brands know the expectation of Indian women.  Acknowledged worldwide as the women of substance, Indian women are passionate about their Luxury watch collection. 

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If you are looking for luxury branded watches for women, then do not worry, you have arrived at the right place. We take a look at India’s homegrown luxury watches for women.


Titan is largest watch brand in India with a wide range of fashion accessories like watches, eyewear and jewellery. The company commenced its operations in 1984 in Chennai under the name Titan Watches Limited. As it ventured into large range of products, the name was changed to titan Industries Limited.

This renowned brand comprises of several brands – Nebula, Edge, Raga, Octane, Zoop and more. With over 440 exclusive showrooms in India, Titan made its position amongst largest chains in its category.

1. Titan Nebula  – 18K Gold Watches

The gold watch brand Nebula is a perfect blend of our heritage and the craftsmanship. The exclusive collection of Nebula ( crafted in pure 18K and 22K gold) has more than 100 models.   Besides the regular leather strap style, it comes in simple plain and with rich diamond and pearl settings.

Nazakat from Nebula is also an exclusive limited edition,  a marvel of a handcrafted masterpiece. The artisan has meticulously incorporated the traditional Partaaz work in 22 K gold and crafting the  Meenakari designs in it. The stunning watch collection has 12 out of the world designs.

2. Titan Raga

Titan Raga presents a symbol of individuality for today’s women. It is an aesthetic expression of her femininity and power that reflects her progressive views.

Titan Raga is a chic, fun, ethnic and eye-catching masterpiece that has got something for every woman. The brand has a range of watches that can give ethnic wear a stylish edge, and a contemporary ensemble a traditional twist. The brand has a beautiful personification – “Khud Se Naya Rishta” for Today’s Women.

Fast Track

It is a fascinating watch that represents pioneering style element and the voice of the youth. Fast Track is India’s fastest growing brand having more than 9 million Facebook fans.

Being the most adored fashion watch brand,  Fast Track’s #LoveWithPride, touching the luxury and vibes of the youth. Be it in your workplace, Visit a shopping mall or a dinner date, it captures every moment of life.

Fast Track – Fit Outs, captures the spirits of youth with its celebrity model Ananya Pandey. Her “attitude “ is well portrayed in the TV campaign. Fastrack brings nuances to a quality product. It’s a collection that caters to your bizarre side.


One of the popular sub-brand of “Titan”, Sonata has a timepiece for every woman, every wrist and occasion. It is a masterpiece having a perfect blend of style and functionality. Sonata has more than 700 design options to choose 

Sonata – Act has introduced the “ Safety “ for the women and customized with technology for each owner’s Smartphone to trigger emergency alerts. Besides taking care of the safety alert, Sonata – Act has a stylish presence that is matching the needs of every woman.

The brand is born out of a passion for innovation and aesthetics. It offers a wide variety of contemporary and timeless designs.

Bangalore Watch Company

The Renaissance Strī is a high-quality automatic luxury watches from Bangalore Watch Company. It is a women-friendly aesthetic brand available in five categories and three dial colours likeOpaline, Anthracite and  Emerald.

Made out of surgical-grade steel, scratch-resistant Sapphire crystals, a slim case design adorned with 72 Swarovski crystals, it is powered by Swiss quartz movements.


Chumbak (known as Magnet in English) goes well by the name. The homegrown Indian brand has been attracting high-end watch lovers. Chumbak watches for women has an extensive collection of quirky, unique and multi-coloured timers that reflects luxury.

“All Good Things in life come to an end”  but not at Chumbak retail or online stores. The brand is famous for adding more and more for the watch lovers.

Wrapping Up

As the old saying goes that “Time and tide wait for no one” is a fact of life. A luxury watch is the essence of modern culture.

A woman uses her luxury watch not only for time but also for her elegant edge to the look. It is a fashion statement often used in all her social interaction.

@StyleGroves we presented a review of the best homegrown branded watches for women. Our homegrown Indian watches for women are one of the best and most reliable brands in the world.

I hope this article is helpful for your next round of shopping!! Please let us know which one you are thinking to buy in the comment section below?