bracelets for men

Bracelets for men have now become a signature style statement of every fashion-conscious man. If you haven’t paid much attention to this small piece of jewellery yet, then do it from today onwards.

The buzz is for real. A bracelet is an indispensable fashion accessory for men. In fact, it always was. The historical evidence suggests that early people used to wear bracelets as early as 4500 years back–primarily as a weapon or a symbol of a particular tribe. 

It has seen a lot of transformations over the last few centuries. And today we have plenty of bracelets in varying shapes and sizes, which reflect its colossal importance in the world of men’s fashion.

The term bracelet is derived from the Latin term “brachile”, which refers to “of the arm”. People have been using bracelet-type ornament (made up of wood, stone, metals) since time immemorial.

Let’s see why do men wear bracelets?

Top 4 Reasons Why Should You Wear A Bracelet?

A Standout Appearance: In India, your fashion statement is incomplete sans a piece of bracelet. Be it a cocktail party or a traditional event, your wrist shouldn’t remain empty. Choose a bejewelled bracelet, preferably in silver or gold, to make for a standout appearance at any event. 

Stylish and Trendy: If you don’t want to be known as a fashion nerd, then glam up yourself as a dapper. And a bracelet will not only accentuate your style but make you feel more confident and proud of your manliness charms and handsomeness.

Mental Peace: Many of us wear bracelets for a spiritual purpose. Donning a stone or gem-engraved bracelet can help us to stay calm and peaceful. It is also believed to bring success, wealth, and harmony in our lives.

For a Cause: Sometimes, people flaunt their bracelets for a cause–as a sign of unity. Several eminent personalities wear bracelets from time to time to raise people’s awareness on issues like breast cancer, racism, unity and many more.  

Here are some key Indian brands that are specialized in crafting quality bracelets for men. We will also explain how to wear them and buy online at one click.

1. Plain Leather-Made Cuffs

When in doubt, go with a leather-made cuff. It looks effortlessly stylish without any need of other ornaments. Wrapping a thin leather strap around your wrist with a pair of sunglasses is a good way to flare up your boho avatar.

How to Wear: Leather-made cuffs look good on Denim and Tshirt. 

Where to Buy: Place your order for a quality leather-made cuff from BeBajrang to astound the people around you.

2. Traditional Metallic Kadaa

Metallic Kadaa is mostly a matter of faith and belief. People wear it in good faith that God will always help them. Opt for a stylish metallic Kadaa-type bracelet for a stunning combo of spirituality and style. Use it regularly.

Yellow-coloured traditional Kadaa, basking in its intrinsic golden glow, is apt during traditional Indian festivals like Ram Navami, Basant Panchami, Onam, Diwali and others.

How to Wear: No rule. Wear it with your daily wear at home, office or gym. 

Where to Buy: Get a stunning piece of Kadaa/ cuff from the house of Zaveri Pearls to flaunt your shinning wrist.

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3. Beaded Bracelets

Heavily embellished with beads, these bracelets for men can be a viable alternative to metallic Kadaa and leather-made cuffs. Of late, Rudraksha-beaded bracelets for men are trending all across India for their mystic-yet-fashionable appearance.

A glimpse of a shiny beaded bracelet can keep the onlookers glued to your wrist. I can define the gist of wearing a rudraksha-tied bracelet in three words; decency, dedication, and dharma! 

How to Wear: A beaded bracelet is a must-have fashion accessory with sherwani or kurta/ pyjama.

Where to Buy: Get a sparkling rudraksha-beaded bracelet from Rudraraksha Enterprise

4. Bejewelled Bracelets

Bejewelled bracelets include all sorts of stylish and finely-crafted bracelets that come in costly metals like gold, silver, and diamond. A bejewelled bracelet can fulfil your style requirement at any event and on any occasion. 

Moreover, these bracelets are available on various shapes, sizes, and designs that are quite alluring and captivating. Though, a bit pricey, buying a piece of the bejewelled bracelet is worth buying for considering its universal charm.

How to Wear: Flaunt your well-adorned wrist using such a bracelet at reception, marriage ceremony, griha pravesh (home inauguration ceremony), and other Indian theme-based events where you expect a lot of visitors. 

Where to Buy: Purely based on its look and aesthetic appearance, I suggest you buy your favourite gold or diamond bracelet from Tanishq.

5. Chain Bracelet

Chain bracelets are available in looped design as a free-flowing wrist ornament. It has a dangling effect and is apt to wear at all formal and informal events.

My advice, however, is to avoid wearing a wristwatch and a bracelet together. Your wrist will look overcrowded. So, don’t put on a wristwatch when you are wearing a bracelet. 

How to Wear: A chain bracelet looks awesome in a short shirt, kurta and dhoti with a pair of men’s sandals.

Where to Buy: Grab a customised chain bracelet for men from Voylla Fashions Pvt Ltd at an irresistible price. 

Wrapping Up

A bracelet is every man’s most trusted confidante when it comes to fashion ornaments. An empty wrist can spoil even a well-groomed look. The tiny ornament can amplify your style statement in entirety with its refreshing and modish outlook.

We hope you have found this article helpful in selecting your favorite Indian bracelet. If you haven’t bought a bracelet as yet, then the right time is now. Don’t delay it further. 

With New Year, Valentine’s Day and Holi – lined up for their grand celebrations in the next few months; it’s the right time to revive your inner fashionista with the power of a well-designed bracelet!