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Every one of us loves shopping online. It is convenient, trendy, and quick. For this very reason, the Indian e-commerce business is booming like never before. It is likely to surpass the United States by 2034 to become the number one destination for online shoppers. 

India’s ecommerce market is currently growing at a CAGR of 25%+, especially in the fashion, apparel, and beauty segments. The total revenue from the industry is likely to touch a $100-billion mark by 2024, a research report by IBEF claimed.

Why Are We Addicted to Shopping Online?

The reason is simple; we don’t have to hop from one shopping mall to another to buy our favorite dress or any other fashion accessories.

Today, we can get anything and everything on virtual retail stores. Just log on to an online shopping portal and start booking your orders. 

Once you book the order, the company will ensure its timely delivery within two-three days. Nevertheless online shopping also offers hefty discounts and other attractive offers from time to time.

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Here are the top 5 simple steps to grab the best deals online on ecommerce portals in India. 

1. Contact Affiliate Marketers

The trick is to find out some affiliate marketers who are selling products of your choice. Initiate a direct conversation with them to know if they are offering any further offers to you in case you buy through their affiliate link. 

On average, affiliate marketers earn around 5% to 30% per product sold via affiliate links. Contact that affiliate seller who receives a relatively larger commission on product sales.

Ask them for some more discounts. If they agree, then you can pocket some cashback. At present, Nnnow offers hefty commissions to its affiliate sellers. Check it out.

2. Create Your Online Wishlist 

Most online portals allow for the creation of a wishlist on their platforms by users. Sign up on any of these ecommerce portals, and start creating your wishlist and add products to your cart.

Do not check out–leave it as it is for a few days. Soon, the company will notify you with enticing discount offers and other rewards to prompt you to close the sale. Ecommerce portals do not want unsold items on buyer’s cart. So, you can leverage attractive deals by keeping your products lying on cart without checkouts.

Create your own wishlist on Snapdeal now! Start adding your favorite products to your wishlist or cart. Soon, you will get unbelievable offers to complete the sale.

3. Are You Ready for Giveaways?

Some online merchandising stores launch giveaway schemes and other freebie options for their online users. You have to pay close attention to them. Usually, companies launch these giveaways and freebies on social media.

So, follow some famous online stores on your social media channels to know about these giveaways and to process your request for the same online.

4. Redeem Discount Coupons Online

Redeeming various coupon codes directly on ecommerce portals at checkouts is another convenient way to grab the best shopping deals. Enter these coupon codes during the checkout process to get benefitted.   

Some of the popular and most-rewarding coupon sites in India are CashkaroCouponDunia, and others. Check out these sites to grab valid discount coupons and cashback offers. Encash them anytime on online portals to grab best offers. 

5. Integrate Buyhatke Extension into Your Browser

Enjoy more with the power of the Buyhatke extension. Go to Google Chrome Extension Store and search for BuyHatke. Now, integrate it directly into your browser and start shopping. 

The Buyhatke extension will provide you with full price charts of various products. It helps you compare the prices of your favorite product online. Finally, opt for the site that offers you the best deals. 

Some other websites offering similar features are PriceDekho and PriceBaba, among others. You can also take home other rewards by using their affiliate codes through your purchase.  

The Conclusion

Online shopping is a boon for all of us. It helps us to get all essential goods at home without any need to visit a shop or mall. Book your order online on a shopping portal, and the company will ensure its proper delivery at the right time. 

Be an active and smart shopper. Stay alert and keep yourself abreast of the latest shopping deals, combo packs, discount offers, giveaways, and cashback deals.

After all, every rupee saved is money earned, and that too absolutely without any cost or effort.

We hope you will find the above tips very useful for an affordable and hassle-free shopping experience. What are you waiting for? Enjoy a profitable shopping experience online that you can never enjoy at any other conventional shop or mall in brick and mortar mode.