striped shirts

Striped shirts or T-shirts are considered to be one of the safest fashion choices for men of all ages. If your striped shirts have been lying inside the closets for so long with no use, then it’s the right time to put them back for your daily use. 

With festive season is on and multiple wedding parties to participate in, your striped shirts are your best fashion bet on all occasions.

You can style yourself in various ways in striped outfits with colorful patterns and designs. Striped outfits have a great degree of versatility, which make them an apt choice among fashion-conscious men of all ages.

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5 ways to style striped shirts

With the right kind of fashion add-ons and accessories, you can revamp your style statement more during winter in stripes. We provide easy fashion hacks that you can follow while putting on a striped T-shirt or shirt. Let’s understand how to look elegant in striped Outfits

1. Peach Striped Slim Fit Shirt

The peach striped slim shirt is apt for boys looking for a change. A peach colour serves a couple of purposes; It looks cool and calm apart from being a perfect fit for holiday tours or vacation. 

Essential Accessories: A bit of stylish hairdo and a well-trimmed beard can go well with the dress. You can try to opt for a peach striped slim fit shirt with denim and black jacket.

Where to Buy: Take a look at an attractive range of peach striped slim fit shirts on Peter England online.

2. Vertical Stripe with Cuban Collar

It’s similar to any other striped outfits, but the Cuban collar makes all the difference. If you wish to reflect your funny adventurous and Boho look, then go for it. Occasionally, you can opt for vertical stripes as office wear too!

You can don a Cuban collar stripe shirt in multiple ways. We list below a couple of popular styles to drape these outfits.

Denim: Cuban collar is an instant hit with bluish Denim. Go for it, and don’t forget to complete your fashion statement with a pair of traditional sports shoe, preferably in white.

Dark-coloured Jacket: Picking a right jacket is essential to look attractive in vertical stripes. Do not opt for a denim jacket; it will spoil all the fun.

Contrarily, any conventional jacket in a dark and bold colour can amplify your handsomeness to a different level.

Where to Buy: Cuban-collar striped shirts are trending online. Buy it on Van Heusen.

3. Horizontal Striped Shirt

Another interesting option with stripes is horizontally-designed stripe on shirts. Attractive patterns in eye-catching colors make it a must-have wardrobe for special events.

Accentuate your style statement with a stylish blazer and a stylish tie in Windsor knot to look like a true fashionista. 

Style Tip: Wear your horizontal striped shirt with a laptop bag and a pair of attractive sneakers. 

I recommend Zodiac Online for buying horizontal Striped Shirts at an affordable price. You will get plenty of color and pattern options there.  

4. Vertical Striped Bombers

Usually, people prefer vertical stripe bombers with stylish blazers and T-shirts. However, you can wear it with other combinations as well.

The dress comes with a whimsical age-old charm that gets you a classy look.

While wearing a vertical stripe bomber, go with the contrast combination. Your trouser should be blue or black. While the shirt should have evenly-placed patterns in bold colours spread across the outfit.

Style Tip: Complement your vertical stripe bomber with sky blue or dark blue denim only. Don’t wear formal pant with a vertical stripe bomber.

Where to buy: Get Louis Philippe Vertical Stripe Bombers online today. 

5. Pinstripe Shirt

If you prefer formal wear, then pinstripe shirt is your perfect match. It’s chic, elegant, official, and stylish. In fashion, it comes under one of those outfits that you can confidently put on for all types of ceremonies. 

Gain some more attention by matching it up with a stylish pant or trouser, preferably in black. 

Style Tip: A trendy office bag and a pair of formal black shoes will get you a dapper look. Do not forget to flaunt your clean-shaven face and tidy hairdo as well.  

Where to Buy: John Players is offering some cool range of Pinstripe shirts online. Check it out. 

Wrapping Up

Stripes are one of the most versatile and fashionable shirts for men. You can wear striped-shirts or Tshirts in as many ways as you want to.

We hope our style tips will help you revive your stylish avatar in stripes. You can go with either horizontal or vertical stripes depending upon your choice.

Never ignore the various fashion accessories that are must-have with your striped shirts.

A piece of a dazzling tie with a stylish knot and a pair of sneakers or official footwear can also go well with your style statement as per the occasion.

Leave your comments on the above tips!