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Tie style and designs have gone through several transformations over the years. The use of variety of types of ties has continued remained the quintessential part of men’s wardrobe since time immemorial.

However, the basic purpose of a necktie remains the same – to complete your style statement on all occasions.

In the context of India, a necktie is much more than a piece of cloth. It’s a must-have fashion add-on for official outfits. It’s no secret, why every man prefers to wear a tie at all big events, including interview sessions, first date, birthday parties, and marriage anniversaries. It amplifies your handsomeness and well-groomed look.

Ties add a whiff of freshness and elegance to your overall personality. Though a tie is an extremely personal stuff, people expect you to wear it. It looks appealing to the eyes.

Top 3 Things to Consider Before You Choose Your Tie

Today various types of ties are available in online stores and at fashion malls. How can you make the right choice? Don’t worry! We will guide you on this!

Your choice of a perfect necktie depends on three crucial factors; Colour, Design, and Width.

We will briefly explain each of these for your help.

1. Colour

Your tie color should match the color of your shirt. In case your shirt’s color is too bright, then go for a darker-colored tie.  

2. Design

Ties are available in various designs and patterns. You can opt for plain-designed, polka dots-filled, and stripes.

If you are wearing a plain shirt with no designs, then opt for polka dots or stripes-designed ties.

You should wear a simple tie with a striped or well-designed shirt.

3. Width

The length and breadth of a tie are equally important. An ideal necktie comes with a length and width of 28-inches and 3-inches respectively.

However, you can also opt for ties with other dimensions to complement your outfit.

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Which Types of Ties Should I Buy?

We compile below the top 6 types of ties to doll up your X-factor on any important occasions of your life.

1. Cravat

You can buy Cravat designer ties on online stores or at various showrooms scattered across India. You should put on a Cravat tie for exceptionally important events like Convocation Day or when you get a job promotion. In India, Ascot tie – a slightly different in design from Cravat – is equally popular.

SatyaPaul is one of the leading Indian fashion brands that specialize in selling with Cravat or Ascot neckties.

2. Bowtie

Bowtie is enchanting neckwear for men. It’s known for giving a tough contest to traditional neckties when it comes to appearance. The classic bowtie is one of the best options for a casual yet significant event like a cocktail party on New Year’s Eve or your dream romantic date.

Opt for contemporary handmade Indian bow ties from Indian Bow Tie Company. This Jodhpur-based company is offering an exclusive range of Indian ties to men. Don’t forget to check it out.

3. Traditional Necktie

It’s the simplest form of ties that your friends and colleagues wear at your office or college. These ties are available in a variety of designs, stripes, checks and patterns. Usually, a four-in-hand knot design is apt for these ties. However, you can try other knot designs too.

Zodiac Clothing Co. Ltd ties are perfect to complete your English look with a tint of desi flavor.

4. Bolo Tie

If you wish to retain old-days charms, then Bolo tie is the best option. Bolo Tie is very popular in parts of the United States, Mexico, and Latin America. You can choose a Bolo Tie at a marriage ceremony to get the maximum attention of the crowds. In India, it’s not much popular, but you can be a trendsetter!

You can check out the latest range of Bolo Tie online at Louis Philippe and Van Heusen stores.

5. Neckerchief

You can call it a ‘scarf for men’ or simply, Bandana too. Strictly speaking, the neckerchief is not formalwear. However, for every other occasion, you can drape a neckerchief around your neck to exhibit your never-seen-before mischievous and naughty avatar.

You can opt for well-designed neckerchief ties from the house of Girija International.

6. Skinny Necktie

It’s slightly lesser in width as compared to other conventionally-designed ties. A skinny tie offers a sophisticated look when you complement it with a shirt and jeans.

If you want to buy skinny necktie with an Indian twist, you can check at Panjatan. Also, you can opt for Peter England in case you are looking to buy an overtly formal tie. 

Wrapping Up

Of late, Ties have become a fundamental part of men’s fashion ensemble. Whether you are an executive, student, CEO, or business person, putting on a tie on your neck is a must.

Initially, you should choose a four-in-hand or Windsor knot only. Gradually, with ample practice, you can start putting your tie in a variety of knot designs depending upon your need and requirements.

Wearing a tie boosts your confidence and self-esteem. So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t made tie as part of your daily wear as yet, then start wearing them from today itself.

What type of tie you would like to choose? Leave your comments!