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With many different fashion accessories, styles, and trends coming out – it can be a daunting task to stand out of the crowd. Accessories are the most affordable way to upgrade to a quality lifestyle and improve your looks. When it comes to dressing up for any occasion, there are a whole lot of things that go into making your outfit a hit. The best way to personalize your style is to have custom accessories that go with every style.

Though many prefer minimalistic accessories with their fashion, trying something new can turn the entire game for you. If you want to draw attention to your personal style, you should know how to pair them with your outfits. When it comes to upgrading the look without getting overboard, the fashion accessories in this post will help you.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of essential fashion accessories that are must-haves to revive your look in style.

What are Fashion Accessories? 

Fashion accessories are the decorative items that supplement your outfit. some common fashion accessories include – jewellery, hats, belts, scarves, sunglasses, pins, bow ties, suspenders etc. These often give importance to your personal style, preferences, and taste. They also offer unlimited options for styling, helping you to have the best item. Without fashion accessories, you run the risk of getting bored with your outfits and wardrobe.

How to Choose the Best Fashion Accessory?

There are several ways to choose a fashion accessory. You can choose something that is in trend and fits you well. Here are some tips to choose the best fashion accessory –

  • Colour

The first important factor to consider when choosing a fashion accessory is colour. It can make or break the appearance. when you styl an accessory with your outfit, make sure to choose different colour for both. For instance, if are wearing black, white, or red colour clothing – choose an accessory that complements it.

  • Style

You can give a dynamic look to a simple dress with the right match of jewelry, footwear, and clutch. make sure you wear the right accessories according to the taste of the outfit. If you want a classy look, try simple leather handbag from Hidesign, Baggit, Lavie, or Nappa Dori.

  • Quality

Create a balance by choosing one piece of accessory to dominate your look in terms of size, shape, and then layer on more subtle accessories. You can also choose a signature accessory that elevates your look and add a story to it. Most accessories have a functional relevance, and it is important to choose the one that bring your moldboard to life.

Top Fashion Accessories That Transform Any Outfit

There are different types of accessories each with different functional relevance. Check out some of the best fashion accesspiries that can be worn with any type of outfit.

1.     Earrings and Danglers

Earrings can be a make or break factor for your style statement. Please pay close attention to your earrings. As a rule of thumb, go for a pair of smaller Huggie or stud earrings with a western outfit, including office wear.

And Opt for Chandelier, Dangler, Drop and Cluster earrings to accentual your look in ethnic wardrobes and traditional Indian festive outfits.

Earrings can instantly glam up your overall style statement offering you a more attractive and beautiful look. 

We recommend you go with branded traditional earrings from the house of Sukkhi Fashion Jewellery and Zaveri & Co.

2.     Sunglasses

When you are all dolled up to attend an important event or ceremony, just add a whiff of gorgeousness to your style statement with a signature sunglass.

You can style it around your eyes or the neckline of your outfit as per your choice. The fun part is sunglass is a flexible fashion add-on, and you can wear sunglass with any outfit – office or ethnic attire.

It’s highly recommended to protect your eyes from heat and UV rays too. 

Get your new India-branded sunglass from HidesignTitan Eye Plus, and IDee Eye Wear.

3.     Footwear

Never overlook the importance of stylish ‘Jutti’ or sandals. Your choice of footwear should depend upon your outfit.

Good quality footwear with well-designed embellishments boosts your confidence level to make an impactful appearance with so many people around.  

This winter, you can also twist your fashion with a matching pair of shoes and boots with office wear or western outfits. However, if you are putting on ethnic wear, then go for Sandals, Chappals, and Heels only. 

Put on a stylish pair of footwear from the house of Mochi Shoes and AccessoriesJaypore Shoes, and KhadimsDesi footwear comes with a wide variety of choices and never goes wrong. 

4.     Handbags and Clutches

You just can’t miss out on carrying a handbag or clutch wherever you go. Choose a retro-styled crossbody bag to complement your casual style or office wear. But a clutch is the best option for festivals, parties, and other traditional ceremonies.

A clutch remains the standout choice for celebrities in all events. It re-ignites your oomph factor almost effortlessly. Try to carry your clutch in the same way that celebs do at red-carpet events and parties. 

It will greatly boost your confidence and style. A black or silver-coloured clutch can look good with most of your outfits. 

Popular Indian handbag brands are from The House of Tara, Baggit, and DaMilano Italia. You will get plenty of handbag and clutch collections available there. 

5.     Belts or Waistbands

Waistband or kamarband is one of those fashion accessories that complement your look quite elegantly, in both Lehenga Chunni and Sarees, Kamarband is quite prominent for its attractive design and sheer sexiness.

In the case of western wear, you can choose a good quality belt in black or brown. Similarly, Kamarband serves as a viable alternative to the ‘belt’ in the case of Indian ethnic wear. 

Confidently wear your petticoat or lehenga skirt with a sparkling kamarband just around your waist. Ideally, your waistband, also called the belly chain, should be silver or golden colour.

Another advantage of putting on a kamarbandh is to tacitly hide a part of your belly fat while keeping your attire tied to your body.

Buy quality belts from Sreeleathers at a compelling price range. And opt for WomenSky and Hayagi to buy a sparkling set of Kamarbandh (belly chain or waistband) to revamp your princess look in traditional attire. 

6.     Wristwatch or Bracelets

A wristwatch amplifies your smartness and confidence for sure. You can even wear bangles and bracelets too along with your wristwatch. 

Usually, a bracelet on one hand and a wristwatch on the other will go well with your style statement for all outfits.

We recommend Fast TrackTitan and Maxima Attivo as these are the popular wristwatch brands for women in India. And choose Zaveri Pearls  Priyaasi and Yellochimes as your branded choice for bracelets.

7.     Hair Styling Accessories

Be it any occasion, your hairstyle needs to be perfect and well-styled. You can use ribbons, scarves or stoles to look super gorgeous and well-groomed.

However, when in doubt, I suggest you go with fresh flowers instead. Flaunt them elegantly on your hair. Get a beautiful collection of flowers from a nearby temple shop.

Apart from glorifying your ethnic beauty, these fresh flowers come with a refreshing fragrance to woo the hearts of people and guests.

Flowers offer an enticing look on your face and overall fashion ensemble. Try it out and see the difference.

The Conclusion

Fashion accessories always hold prime importance in any women’s fashion ensemble.

With the right accessories, you can make a bold fashion statement in both a traditional avatar, and a modern diva look as well. 

You can wear and style these accessories as per your wish and choice with any outfit.

This article will help you out choosing the right fashion accessory to glam up your look before an important event.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to ensure that you must have these accessories in your closet. Grab your best accessory from a very wide range of choices at the most compelling price. 

Let us know your favourite accessory and why. Comment below and share your thoughts.