types of teapot

The teapot is one of the essential items in the kitchen and can make your work easier, especially when you have sudden guests at home. There are different types of teapots, and choosing a teapot can be overwhelming at times. The right teapot not only helps you brew the best tea but ties the whole kitchen. Fortunately, you can simplify the process by zeroing down on a few important factors. 

In this post, we’ll take you through different types of teapots and how to choose the perfect one that matches your requirements. 

What Is a Teapot?

A teapot is specifically designed to hold boiling water with coffee grounds or tea leaves for brewing, steeping or sharing with others. They are made of a variety of materials, including stone, steel, ceramic, or porcelain. The main purpose of a teapot is to brew coffee grounds or tea leaves. All you need to do is simply toss your favourite tea leaves into the teapot and fill it with boiling water – and you’re ready to sip your favourite tea or coffee. 

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How to Choose the Best Teapot?

Teapots come in a variety of designs that can suit anyone’s taste. It depends on their personal preference. There are many things or details, such as size, shape, colour, and material, to consider when buying a teapot. Most teapots are constructed with an opening to pour hot water into, making the job easier for you. 

While many of these come with a handy spout with a strainer for pouring tea/coffee and ensures no coffee grounds or leafy bits end up in your cup. Remember that they are good for serving and steeping hor tea or coffee. However, they should never be used to boil water. Here are a few considerations while buying a teapot –

  • The chamber needs to be big enough for the tea leaves to expand.
  • Make sure the infuser basket is neither too small nor big.
  • Look for compact teapots that save space and come with small handles to minimize storage space. 
  • Look for a teapot with a removable infuser.
  • Choose a perfect size depending on how you like to brew the tea. 
  • Opt for miniature teapots, if you like to make one single cup of tea
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What Are the Popular Types of Teapots?

To make the best tea, you need the best quality teapot. With hundreds of designs and materials, it can be daunting to choose the right pot. Depending on the country of origin, teapots can be made of different materials and come in different shapes and sizes. Here are the most common types of teapots – 

Cast Iron Teapot

cast iron teapot

Traditional Japanese teapots are typically made of cast iron with an inner coating to prevent them from rusting. They are very heavy and can hold heat for a long time. Tetsubin is a type of cast iron teapot that enhances the flavour of the tea. Typically, they have an enamel coating and are best suited for brewing tea. 

Ceramic Teapot

ceramic teapot

Ceramic teapots are traditionally used in China as they are ideal for oolong or black teas. These teapots are dense and absorb a tiny amount of tea into the pot during brewing. There are different types of ceramic pots, such as – glazed ceramics, stoneware, and porcelain, which are great for making oolong raw pu-erh teas

Glass Teapot

glass teapot

Glass teapots have an elegant and refined texture and are strong enough to resist the heat of hot water. However, they are fragile and are not durable in the long run. A good glass teapot is great for brewing any type of tea, especially flowering and blooming teas. They can have metal or glass filters. Some best teas to brew in glass teapots are – floral teas, dragon well, and Ti Kwan Yin.

Porcelain Teapot 

porcelian teapot

This is a widely used material for teapots. Being a non-porous material, it holds temperature very well and can be cleaned without much effort. If you are a green or white tea lover, porcelain teapots are the best. It is considered a perfect teapot to make tea, just not because it retains heat, but is easier to clean. They are pretty, fragile, and delicate.

Stainless steel teapots

This type of teapot is the most durable and can retain heat for longer. It may influence the taste for several reasons. It is advised to buy high-quality teaware that’s not only safe to use but is not ruined over time. If you don’t want to pay too much attention to the material and use it for daily purposes, stainless steel pots are the ideal choice.  


Teapots are not only used for making tea but are ideal for general purposes like – making soup, coffee, and gelatine. Tea or coffee tastes better when made in a teapot. Some scientific evidence shows that it gives tea time to infuse into the water. Whether you want to buy a teapot for decorative purposes or purely functional, there are hundreds of teapot designs that suit different needs. Check out some of the best teapots at Umi Tea Sets