herbal teas

There is no doubt that tea is the most popular beverage in India, and herbal tea is a boon to us. You can gain a lot of healthy benefits from herbal teas, once you make it your daily habit. It extends great benefits like digestion, detoxification and weight loss.

Herbal tea is full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins,  So let us get to know more about this unique beverage – The world of herbal tea and its excellent health benefits.

1. Different Types of Herbal Teas

herbal teas

The herbal tea infusion is a perfect blend of the various leaves, fruits roots and flowers. Right since the time of ancient Greece history, it is famous for its taste,  aroma and its healing properties.

Rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, it not only makes your body healthy but also helps in relaxing and refreshing your mind.  Here are some of the best flavours that not only help you relax but enhance your immunity.

1.1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a kind of floral herb belonging to the “Asteraceae” plant family, used as a natural remedy for several health conditions. The tea lovers can make chamomile tea by drying the seasoning and then infusing the same in boiling water. It is a caffeine-free drink but famous for its sweet taste.


  • It has plenty of antioxidants that play a role in lowering the risk of several diseases.
  • The beverage has some unique property that helps you to fight insomnia and digestive disorders.  
  • It offers antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and liver-protecting benefits.

1.2. Peppermint Tea

Mint tea is a type of herbal tea made by infusing mint leaves in hot water. However, when we make mint tea with peppermint leaves, we call it peppermint tea.   Peppermint tea extends a cooling sensation and creates a refreshing mist. Some peppermint teas may have hints of green tea or fruity flavours depending on the infusion or blend.


  • Soothes Upset Stomach- The cooling effects of menthol in peppermint tea help to soothe an upset stomach in several ways.
  • Improves digestion, prevents nausea, cures bad breath, fights the common cold and flu
  • Improves Mental Awareness and Focus, reduces stress

1.3. Hibiscus Tea

It is a  type of herbal tea which you can prepare as an infusion from crimson or deep magenta-coloured calyces of Hibiscus sabdariffa flower. It is a tea, made out of the colourful flower of the hibiscus plant, having a refreshing aroma and tart/ cranberry flavour.


  • Hibiscus tea helps in lowering blood pressure, fighting bacteria and even aiding weight loss.
  • It has antiviral properties and is effective in preventing chronic diseases

1.4. Rosehip Tea

It is an herbal tea made from the fruit of the rose plant. Rose hips are the rounded part of the flower just below the petals. They are also known as dog rose fruit, hip-berry or hip fruit besides brewing it as “Tea”,  a five-star hotel chef using it for his five-star culinary dishes.

Rosehip tea is naturally caffeine-free. You can brew it by using fresh or dried rose hips or even by using flowers you find in your garden.


  • The beverage has high amounts of vitamins that give you a shield against the common cold and flu.
  • It also has vitamin C and vitamin A, which support your immune system.
  • The antioxidants and flavonoids (present in the herb) always strengthen immunity.
  • The antioxidants fight off free radicals that can cause oxidative stress and anti-ageing.

1.5. Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is an age-old beverage made from the leaves of a South African shrub. You can prepare and consume the tea in a similar way to your regular black tea  ( like adding milk and sugar). In a tea café, there are several options; you have rooibos iced tea, espressos, lattes and cappuccinos. It is also famous as red tea or red bush tea.


  • Rooibos tea is full of powerful antioxidants that boost your immunity
  • It improves your heart functioning.
  • Regular consumption of Rooibos tea can help you to balance blood sugar and improve insulin resistance.

2. Best Herbal Tea Brands in India

Today in India, we have a few good quality homegrown brands which can help you to lead a healthy life. Some of the best homegrown brands are –

  • Organic India

Organic India provides organic and chemical-free products to consumers around the globe. The herbal teas from Organic India are a blend of delicious flavours with an ayurvedic high wellness quotient.

  • 24 Mantra Organic

The herbal teas from 24 Mantra Organic offer a perfect combination of the finest herbs. The refreshing flavours possess wonderful health benefits that support the body’s immune system.

  • The Tea Shelf

The Tea Shelf provides a wide range of herbal tea flavours from the best tea estates in India. Sourced from a single estate, one can expect the best herbal delight that not only refreshes the mood but will give a boost of good health.

  • Goodwyn

Goodwyn is a premium tea brand in India offering an exclusive range of herbal teas from sprawling tea plantations of Darjeeling. With 50+ natural blends and flavours, Goodwyn offers 100% pure and original blends extracted from the finest tea estates.

  • ChaiVeda

ChaiVeda offers unique flavoured herbal teas that are a perfect combination of taste, health and nourishment. The tea blends are extremely nutritious and infused with the infinite healing powers of Ayurveda.

  • Society Tea

Society tea is one of the Premium tea brands in India that offers a perfect infusion of strong flavour and taste. The company produces the finest quality tea that retains exceptional taste and fragrance.

  • The Indian Chai

The Indian Chai offers the finest and premium quality tea with a unique blend of ingredients and flavours. Nourished with Indian herbs, the tea offers amazing health benefits.

3. Conclusion

Your best inspiration to switch over to Herbal Tea reads “ A cup of Herbal Tea a day, Keeps your Doctor Away”.

Herbal teas have proven to be one of the healthiest drinks in the world. With the right flavour and brewing techniques, one can gain a lot of health benefits.

Having a cup of herbal tea is a pleasant way to stimulate your mental and bodily well-being.

4. FAQs

  • How to make herbal tea?

To make a cup of herbal tea at home, add 1-2 spoons of your favourite herbal tea in water. Let it boil for 5-7 minutes while stirring occasionally. Strain the tea using a strainer and Add 1 spoon of honey before drinking/serving. You can even squeeze half a lemon.

  • When to drink herbal tea?

The best time to drink tea in the morning is after breakfast and lunch as it supports your digestive system. Since herbal tea(a few types) calms the mind, drinking herbal tea before going to sleep helps in relaxation and also assists people who have insomnia.