4 Essential Grooming Tips for Men for Interview

A job interview is always a significant event in your life. Once you manage to get through, it means a lot. Our Grooming tips for men may help you for a better career path, a good social standing, and not the least a happy and prosperous life. All you got to do is to crack your job interview by impressing the interview board members.

A million-dollar question for all job seekers is what the board expects in a typical interview. Well, besides an impressive CV, the company usually assesses your attitude, aptitude, conduct, and, not least, your overall personality.

What do the board members look for whether you can carry forward the brand/company’s image to their customers effectively? Here comes your grooming, and you cannot ignore our” Grooming tips for men” as hundred more candidates are waiting outside the interview room to impress them.

Remember that the first five minutes of the interview decide the final course of the event, whether you are in or not?

Your grooming is essential to impress the board, and it is not rocket science.  Personal grooming is innate in some people but acquired in others.  You can achieve your grooming skills with our grooming tips for men.

1.1. Hygiene

grooming tips for men - hygiene

Let us have the basics in place when you are going for an interview. Let us start at the top.  I mean your face, oral hygiene, your teeth, and your hair

It confirms that oral hygiene is essential. My advice is not to have any foods like an onion dosa or sandwich ( before the interview session) as your interviewer does not want a bad-smelling answer.  And you should brush and floss your teeth before leaving for the interview venue.

Make sure that all your fingernails are clean and short with the cuticle pushed back. In case you are wearing a half sleeve shirt, do not forget to apply some mild skin lotion on your bare arms.

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1.2. Hair

grooming tips for men-hair

About your hair, have a good haircut a few days prior, and shampoo your hair on the day of the event. You may use a little bit of hair gel, but poky spikes or oily hair – a BIG NO. Remove the unwanted hairs popping out of your nostrils, ear, and shoulder.

According to late American celebrity James Brown  “Hair is the first thing and teeth the second.  A man got those two things; he’s got it all.”

In case you have bushy eyebrows, a bit of trimming is not a bad idea.   Have a good shave on the day and use an aftershave lotion with a mild fragrance. Use lip balms or any petroleum jelly to prevent the visibility of your chapped lips.

1.3. Outfit

grooming tips for men-outfit

Have you heard about the old saying, “A man is always judged by his shoes”? Yes, your external appearance is often the one most people see and judge us. No worries, follow our basic guidelines.

  • Your black shoes should be shined and heels in good order.
  • Your Tie should be neatly tied so that it covers the collar joining and the short end lies well under the longer one.
  • Your Suit and shirt are professionally cleaned and pressed. Black is formal colour accepted well to incorporate. Black suits, black trousers and black shoes with a light colour shirt and matching combination tie are an excellent choice. Make it simple and significant.
  • Clean handkerchief tucked neatly into a suit pocket.

1.4. Accessories

grooming tips for men- accessories

Men use limited accessories, which he carries with them for any professional meeting or interview. Make sure that you have a suitable leather folder or a briefcase in case you are taking your certificates or testimonial. You wear a presentable watch ( not necessarily an expensive brand ) and switch off your favourite Smartphone ( keep it inside your suit pocket), when you walked into the room.

Do not use a perfume with a strong fragrance to impress your would-be employer instead, go for a milder one.  “To be noticed, without striving to be noticed, this is what elegance is all about.” – Luciano Barbera.

It is the essence of every well-groomed man. 

So with a bit of your planning and application, you can make it for your dream job with our Grooming tips for men.