hairstyle for men

How we present ourselves in a scene can speak volumes about our entire attitude. This does not necessarily confine to smart clothing alone. While women have to take care not to overdo or underdo their make-up, men have to pick the right hairstyle to compliment the occasion.

Have you ever stepped into your hairdresser’s and been at a loss about which hairdo to go with? More of than not, we tend to be oblivious to the current trends in the hairstyle industry. Not many of us are sure which hairstyle suits our face or about its pros and cons.

To acquaint oneself with all of the best hairstyles for men would be a rather tough task. We are here to help you narrow down your options to five such hairstyles that will take the fashion industry by storm in 2021.

Here are five best hairstyles for men that speak class! Pick for yourself.

1. Messy Frizzy Hair

The oomph that accompanies frizzy hair! One thing about a messy hairdo is that it never goes out of style if done correctly.

This look is ideal for the summer and imparts a casual, relaxed aura to your demeanour. Pair up casual pants and t-shirt with your favourite canvas shoes to give this look a grungier feel.

This dishevelled hairdo is a happy relief from the classic crispy clean undercuts. For a neater look, the messy hairdo is advised for shorted hair.

2. Classy Side Part

This hairstyle guarantees a good visual appeal to a business meeting. It reiterates that you are well-groomed.

The side part is a safe choice for a man who spends most time at work. It is not only chic in appearance but also easy to manage. With your faithful hair gel companion, you can never go wrong with this one.

Hey! Are you confused about which hair product to resort to? We’ve got your back! Keep reading and we’ll have you introduced to some great brands.

3. Slick Back Hair

It’s not for everybody; but if your face compliments this hairdo, it can work wonders for you. The classic slicked-back hair look is equally professional in appeal as it can be messy, depending upon the length of your hair.

You can carry this look with blind confidence in an office as you can at the pub. It wholly depends on your sense of style.

This hairstyle can give you a stylish, finished look. It imparts an altogether tidy look to your entire ensemble.

4. Buzz-cut

The easiest of them all! Granted; this look is for the lazier bunch. Here’s a hairstyle that is dictated for people who do not want to spend much time in styling.

A buzz-cut hairdo with a well-altered beard can become a saviour summer look. Not only is it hot it also goes well with most occasions and attires.

The biggest advantage of this hairstyle is that it suits any hair type and colour and is 100% comfort-oriented. You can even do it yourself using a trustworthy trimmer.

5. Crew-cut

The army look never runs out of style. This is one hairdo that has stood the test of time’ possibly due to its purpose.

Picking a crew-cut will not only guarantee your style but also ease. It works on all shapes of faces; another distinction.

This simple, tapered hairstyle can be styled further if you choose to leave it with some length (say four inches). If you want to cut to a standard two inches of length, your job is done till you hit up the salon again.

Best Hair Styling Products for Men

Now that you have read about our picks for the best hairstyles for men, here are some products that will help you achieve these looks in no time. Because the job does not end at the salon; it begins with how you maintain the look using the right products!

Syska HT300 Beard Trimmer

This smooth trimmer from Syska has self-sharpening stainless steel blades. It is equipped with nearly twenty precision lengths from which you may choose. Reviewed to be of the complete worth of money, Syska’s HT300 Beard Trimmer will help you achieve that buzz-cut in the comfort of your homes.

Ustraa Hair Wax for Styling – Strong Hold Hair Gel

To get that classy slicked back look, go grab a pack of Ustraa’s Hair Wax that promises a matte look. Its Chine Clay component ensures that oil remains in the hair and its lemon essence works as an antibacterial and antiseptic agent. If you are to achieve these best hairstyles for men, you must have this product!

Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Deodar Hair Cleanser

Composed of natural ingredients and made from Ayurvedic techniques, Kama Ayurveda’s shampoo is specially made for men with SLS and paraben-free composition. It contains essential oils from Himalayan Deodar. This product ensures hair growth and daily use is advised.

There you go! Now you can make an informed decision. Not just that; you have just the right products and equipment to rock that hairstyle. Long gone are the days when people used to believe that fashion is confined to women alone.

Nail one of these looks and step out into awe-inspiring gazes, boys! If you liked our picks for the best hairstyles for men, do comment down below!