Celebrities Who Perfectly Donned Indian Ethnic Wear in India

Indian ethnic wear is known for its vibrant colours, rich history, and intricate designs. It reflects the diverse culture and traditions of India. While ethnic wear has always been an integral part of Indian fashion, it has also gained attention on the international stage. Over the years, several celebrities have embraced Indian ethnic wear with grace and style during their visits to India. This article is all about celebrities who perfectly donned Indian ethnic wear in India, showcasing their appreciation for the country’s culture and fashion.

1. Naomi Campbell

Who doesn’t know Naomi Campbell? The British supermodel made a stunning statement when she chose to wear a traditional Indian saree during her visit to Mumbai. The saree with its intricate embroidery and shimmering fabric beautifully complemented her elegant persona. Apart from that, she paired it with traditional Indian jewellery and a bindi which added a more authentic touch to her ensemble. The model’s choice to wear a saree demonstrated her respect for Indian culture and her ability to effortlessly carry off the traditional attire.

2. Beyonce

The Queen Bee herself, made headlines when she wore a breathtaking lehenga choli during her visit to India for a private concert. The same was designed by the Indian couturier Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla who are known for their exquisite craftsmanship. Beyonce looked fab in the intricately designed outfit, with traditional Indian jewellery and also a ‘maang teeka’. The choice she made was not just a fashion statement but also a tribute to India’s culture and artistry.

3. Victoria Beckham

The next celebrity on the list is Victoria Beckham who is a renowned fashion designer herself. She embraced Indian fashion during her visit to Rajasthan and was spotted wearing a traditional Indian kurta paired with Palazzos and pants and a vibrant scarf. Victoria’s fusion of British and Indian fashion sensibilities showcased her appreciation for the country’s vibrant textiles and colours. In fact, her outfit was a perfect blend of comfort and style.

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4. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, a highly acclaimed American singer and songwriter is known for her distinctive and often eccentric style both in her movies and in her fashion choices. The singer draped a modernized saree at her F1 Indian concert that incorporated her eccentricity. She made a promise to her fans that she would surprise them and most certainly kept her promise. Her choice to wear Indian ethnic wear was a testament to her love for Indian culture and its traditions.

5. Selena Gomez

Everyone knows who Selena Gomez is; a renowned singer, actress, and producer who has achieved significant fame in the entertainment industry. She is a prominent figure in the music, television, and film industry. She stole everyone’s heart when she got all decked up in a traditional saree, complete with bangles and a bindi during her visit to Nepal. Social Media got crazy when they saw the pictures of the celebrity donning Indian ethnic wear.

6. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is known for her roles in Twilight series and other blockbuster movies. The actress embraced Indian fashion during the Cannes Film Festival. She opted for a sheer, embellished Indian saree designed by Indian designer Reem Acra. Her choice of attire was a refreshing departure from the usual red carpet gowns, and undoubtedly, she looked both elegant and edgy in her Indian saree. Her bold fashion statement earned a lot of praise from fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

These celebrities did not just make a fashion statement while wearing these Indian outfits but also paid tribute to India’s cultural heritage by donning Indian ethnic wear with grace and style. As the world continues to appreciate and incorporate the elements of Indian culture into the international fashion scene, these celebrities have set a remarkable example of how to perfectly don Indian ethnic wear.