Style up Your Glamour with 6 Best Accessories (Traditional)

It may be a cliché to say that the saree is a versatile attire that can be styled in multiple ways on a myriad of events. Be it a festival or an official meeting, you can slay in your saree in style, indeed with the best accessories.

But, of course, you need to be aware of the type of saree to be worn on different occasions. This ensures that you become one with the ambiance.

Now, the question is – “Is it just enough to focus on the colour, material, design, and draping style of the saree?” Not at all.

It’s the type of accessories you choose. Don’t worry, this does not involve spending a fortune. All you need is a good sense of fashion and a styling wizard such as Style Groves.

1. Best Accessories to Pair Up With Sarees

There are several types of accessories available in a multitude of different metals and colours. It isn’t always easy to decide what to wear for a particular saree.

We are here to help you choose the right accessories that will make you carry a perfectly glammed up look from head to toe. Keep reading to find out a few simple styling tips for you.

1.1. Traditional Kemp Jewellery

Traditional Kemp Jewellery

Old is indeed gold. Yeah, an ethnic look with Traditional Kemp Jewellery never goes out of style. The beauty of kemp sets is, it usually comes in different colours.

If you love to have more stones on your accessories, this is the best. It adds that extra bling you deserve. You can style your traditional silk or silk cotton saree with kemp sets.

Follow this quick styling idea if you are going to a wedding or any other traditional event.

  • On the Ears: Antique kemp jhumka with layered hair chains.
  • On the Neck: Antique kemp haram.
  • On the Hands: A simple pair of kemp bangles or a beautiful antique kada bangle.
  • On the Ankles: An elegant pair of gold plated anklets.

1.2. Captivating Kundan Jewellery

Captivating Kundan Jewellery

Regardless of evening parties or wedding receptions, the best way to show off is by wearing your favourite kundan jewellery.

This is one of the best accessories that celebrities usually pair up with their sarees due to the royal look it gives just by wearing one.

You can add these to sarees of any materials such as silk, organza, crepe silk, and a lot more. This beauty comes in different shapes and sizes, hence it suits everyone.

If you are looking for a kundan jewellery styling idea, here you go.

  • On the Ears: Kundan ear hangings or Chandbali.
  • On the Neck: 2 or 3 layered kundan haaram that ends on the chest.
  • On the Hands: If it’s a simple occasion, you can go with a simple watch, but with a statement kundan ring. If not, you can add thick, adjustable, matching kundan bangles.
  • On the Ankles: Wear a thin pair of kundan anklets without any hangings.

1.3. Dazzling Meenakari Jewellery

The Meenakari design has been trending for a very long time now. It’s because of its beautiful colours and designs, which attracts women of all age.

This piece of beauty solves dual purpose by going well with the traditional as well as modern sarees.

You can flaunt it on any occasion without any guilt. Isn’t that amazing? Now, go on and try this amazing accessory styling idea.

  • On the Ears: Cute pair of small Chandbali shaped Meenakari earrings.
  • On the Neck: A matching choker. 
  • On the Hands: A stunning Meenakari Rajwadi Bangle.
  • On the Ankles: A statement Meenakari anklets.

1.4. Appealing Oxidized Jewellery

Want to take a break from gold and gold-plated jewellery? Welcome to the oxidized jewellery club. This is one unique type of jewel that uplifts any style instantly.

It can be paired up with any type of outfit and it’s one of the best accessories to create a perfect contemporary look.

With saree, it can be worn to attend a family function as well as to the workplace. We have a great accessorizing tip here.

  • On the Ears: Statement oxidized ear studs.
  • On the Neck: Oxidized long chain with a big locket.
  • On the Hands: Thin oxidized bracelet on one hand and a simple watch on the other.
  • On the Ankles: A thin oxidized anklet on one ankle alone.

1.5. Bold Double Layered Jhumka Look

It is often misunderstood that styling a saree requires a lot of accessories. But, in reality, you can style your favourite saree the way you want. Just a pair of statement jhumkas are enough to do the magic.

Every eye will be glued to you with the captivating look it gives. So, if you don’t like to wear too many jewels or if you want to carry a simple yet majestic look, this is the one for you.

Try this awesome styling idea our experts suggest.

  • On the Ears: Double layered statement jhumkas of any metal and colour you like.
  • On the Neck: No jewel neck makes you look chic.
  • On the Hands: A complementing bold ring.
  • On the Ankles: Let it be free today.

1.6. Tantalizing Terracotta Jewellery

Say no to metals when you have beautifully hand-crafted terracotta jewels to the rescue. Terracotta steals the show with the rich colours it carries.

It tops all the best accessories by perfectly complementing any saree it is paired up with. The best part is you can often get them customized with the designs and shapes you love.

That’s a wonderful idea, right? Come, let’s get into the accessorizing part.  

  • On the Ears: Bold or unique terracotta studs.
  • On the Neck: Long terracotta chain with a rectangle-shaped locket.
  • On the Hands: A simple matching bracelet.
  • On the Ankles: Anklets don’t go well with terracotta jewels.

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2. Let’s Wrap Up the Best Accessories List

Indian women love sarees and jewels so much that they won’t mind investing their time and money in buying them. But, confusion arises in finding out what goes well with what.

That’s why we came up with this article. We understand that accessories can completely change the look of a saree.

Jewels especially are powerful enough to enhance or ruin the entire look. So, our fashionistas recommend you a few brilliant styling ideas to slay any look any day.

Hope you are all set now!!!

If you like this article, feel free to post your favourite styling idea in the comment box below!!!