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India has a rich and illustrious history of jewellery craftsmanship dating back centuries. Renowned for its opulent and intricate designs, Indian jewellery is not just an accessory; it’s a manifestation of cultural heritage, tradition, and artistry. In the realm of jewellery brands, India boasts a plethora of illustrious names that have consistently captured the essence of this heritage while innovating to meet the evolving tastes of the modern world.

From the bustling streets of Jaipur, famous for its gemstone-studded treasures, to the bustling markets of Mumbai and Kolkata, where artisans combine ancient techniques with contemporary aesthetics, jewellery brands in India have carved a niche in the global market.

Whether you’re seeking the timeless elegance of Kundan or Polki jewellery or the contemporary charm of gold and diamond creations, the best jewellery brands in India offer a diverse and captivating range of options to cater to every taste and occasion.

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In this article, we’ll delve into the world of jewellery brands in India, exploring their history, craftsmanship, and the blend of tradition and innovation that sets them apart. Let’s take a look at some of these famous jewellery brands in India.

1. Traditional Indian Jewellery: Types and Origin

Traditional Indian jewellery is a reflection of the country’s rich cultural diversity, intricate craftsmanship, and centuries-old traditions. These exquisite adornments are not merely accessories but also carry significant historical, social, and spiritual connotations. Let’s explore the fascinating world of traditional Indian jewellery, the various types and their origins.

  • Kundan Jewellery

Origin: Kundan jewellery has its roots in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It was popularized during the Mughal era and reflects a fusion of Persian and Indian design sensibilities.

Characteristics: Kundan jewellery is known for its use of uncut, glass-polished gemstones set in a gold or silver foil base. This technique creates a radiant, highly reflective surface, making Kundan jewellery a symbol of luxury.

  • Polki Jewellery

Origin: Polki is another jewellery style that gained prominence during the Mughal period. It is characterized by its uncut, naturally mined diamonds.

Characteristics: Polki jewellery features these uncut diamonds set in gold, often adorned with colourful enamel work on the reverse side to enhance their brilliance. It exudes a regal and vintage charm.

  • Meenakari Jewellery

Origin: Meenakari, or enamel work, is believed to have originated in Rajasthan. It was influenced by Persian art and later became an integral part of Indian jewellery making.

Characteristics: Meenakari involves the intricate art of fusing vibrant coloured enamel onto metal, usually gold or silver. It is often combined with other techniques like Kundan or Polki to create breathtaking designs.

  • Temple Jewellery

Origin: Temple jewellery has its origins in South India, particularly in Tamil Nadu. It was traditionally crafted for temple dancers and deities.

Characteristics: This jewellery is known for its intricately carved motifs of gods and goddesses, typically in gold. It often features precious gemstones and is a vital part of South Indian bridal trousseaus.

  • Jadau Jewellery

Origin: Jadau jewellery has its roots in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. It has been a traditional jewellery style for generations.

Characteristics: Jadau involves embedding uncut gemstones, primarily diamonds and precious or semi-precious stones, into a gold framework. It often features intricate designs and is a symbol of grandeur and luxury.

  • Thewa Jewellery

Origin: Thewa jewellery is a speciality of the city of Pratapgarh in Rajasthan, India.

Characteristics: Thewa involves creating intricate designs by setting coloured glass on a sheet of 23-karat gold. This meticulous art form is not only visually stunning but also showcases the artistic prowess of the craftsmen.

  • Antique Jewellery

Origin: Antique jewellery is not limited to a particular region; it encompasses various styles and designs from different parts of India, reflecting historical influences and cultural diversity.

Characteristics: Antique jewellery features designs that have been handed down through generations, and it often carries a vintage, timeless appeal.

Traditional Indian jewellery is not only an expression of aesthetics but also an embodiment of heritage, rituals, and beliefs. Each piece tells a story, and the meticulous craftsmanship is a testament to the skilled artisans who have kept these traditions alive for centuries.

2. Different Jewellery Designs in India

Traditional Indian jewellery is celebrated for its opulence, diversity, and the rich cultural traditions it embodies. From head to toe, traditional Indian jewellery adorns individuals with a breathtaking array of precious metals, gemstones, and intricate craftsmanship. This holistic approach to jewellery highlights the deep-rooted significance of adornment in Indian culture. Here are the different Indian jewellery worn from head to toe –

  • Head Jewellery

Maang Tikka: This ornamental piece adorns the centre of the forehead and is a symbol of a woman’s marital status. It typically features a decorative pendant, often set with precious stones.

  • Earrings

Jhumka: These bell-shaped, dangling earrings are a popular choice, adorned with intricate filigree work, beads, and sometimes, small pearls.

Chand Bali: Crescent-shaped earrings are often encrusted with gemstones and pearls. They are famous for their artistic and elaborate designs.

  • Nose Jewellery

Nath: A nose ring typically adorned by brides, it can be either a simple hoop or a more elaborate piece with chains and gemstones.

  • Necklaces

Choker: A close-fitting necklace that accentuates the neck, often encrusted with diamonds, gemstones, or intricate enamel work.

Rani Haar: A long, elaborate necklace that usually features multiple layers of pearls, gemstones, or gold beads.

Mangalsutra: A symbol of marriage, this black-beaded necklace with a gold pendant is worn by married women.

  • Arm Jewellery

Bangles: Worn on the wrist, bangles come in various forms, including glass, metal, and gold bangles. The number and style of bangles often vary by region and culture.

Kada: A thick, rigid bracelet, often made of gold or silver, and sometimes adorned with gemstones.

  • Hand Jewellery

Haathphool: Intricate hand jewellery that connects rings to bracelets, often decorated with beautiful designs and gemstones.

Bajuband: An upper arm bracelet, typically worn by brides and dancers.

  • Waist Jewellery

Kamarband: A waist belt worn around the hips, often featuring elaborate designs and occasionally bells or chains.

  • Leg Jewellery

Payal/Anklet: These are ornamental chains or bracelets worn around the ankles, frequently accompanied by small bells that create melodious sounds with each step.

Toe Ring: A symbol of marital status, toe rings are often worn on the second toe and can be simple silver bands or more intricate designs.

  • Foot Jewellery

Paayal/Kada: Foot bracelets that can be simple or elaborately designed to match the overall jewellery ensemble.

Bichua: Toe rings specifically designed for the big toe, often with intricate patterns.

From the intricately designed headpieces to the melodious anklets, traditional Indian jewellery reflects a cultural tapestry of artistry, symbolism, and rituals. Each piece carries a unique significance and contributes to the overall grandeur of Indian attire, whether it’s for everyday wear, special occasions, or as part of bridal attire. This head-to-toe adornment not only enhances one’s beauty but also serves as a testament to India’s rich heritage and artistic excellence.

3.1. Tanishq

Tanishq, a prominent and one of the trusted jewellery brands in India, continues to thrive as a beacon of elegance and craftsmanship. Established in 1994, this jewellery brand is part of Titan Company Limited, a subsidiary of the Tata Group. Its corporate headquarters remains situated in Bangalore.

With over 300 stores across 250 cities in India, including standalone showrooms and shop-in-shops, Tanishq’s presence in the Indian market has continued to expand.

Tanishq caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences with its diverse collections. Whether it’s classic and intricate Kundan or Polki jewellery, contemporary diamond pieces, or stunning gold creations, Tanishq offers an extensive selection to suit various occasions and styles.

Popular Collection Offered by Tanishq

  • Mangalam: This collection is inspired by traditional Indian motifs and craftsmanship, featuring intricate designs and a blend of timeless and contemporary elements. It’s ideal for weddings and other celebratory events.
  • Utsava: Utsava is a festive collection that brings out the essence of Indian celebrations. It includes vibrant and colourful jewellery, often with precious and semi-precious gemstones.
  • Ahalya: The Ahalya collection is known for its fusion of classic and modern designs. It offers a range of exquisite jewellery pieces, including necklaces, earrings, and bangles.
  • Rivaah: Tanishq’s bridal collection, Rivaah, is designed to make brides shine on their special day. It features stunning bridal sets with intricate detailing and a focus on traditional motifs.
  • Inara: Inara is Tanishq’s diamond jewellery collection. It showcases elegant and contemporary diamond jewellery for various occasions, from everyday wear to special events.
  • Iva: A collection that combines gold and diamond jewellery, Iva offers pieces that are versatile and can be worn for both casual and formal occasions.

3.2. Kalyan Jewellers

Kalyan Jewellers, in the list of best jewellery brands in India, continues to be a symbol of timeless beauty and trust. Established in 1993 in Thrissur, Kerala, Kalyan Jewellers has grown to be one of the largest jewellery retail chains in India and the Middle East. The brand is celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship, wide range of jewellery offerings, and commitment to enhancing the customer’s jewellery shopping experience.

Popular Collection by Kalyan Jewellers

  • Muhurat: Kalyan Jewellers’ Muhurat collection is dedicated to bridal jewellery. It features exquisite bridal sets with intricate designs, high-quality gemstones, and a blend of traditional and contemporary elements.
  • Anokhi: The Anokhi collection showcases stunning, contemporary jewellery that appeals to modern sensibilities. It includes a range of elegant and fashionable pieces suitable for various occasions.
  • Nimah: Nimah is Kalyan’s diamond jewellery collection, designed to add brilliance to everyday wear or special occasions. It offers a wide variety of diamond-studded jewellery, from rings to necklaces.
  • Apoorva: The Apoorva collection is known for its timeless and traditional designs. It features jewellery inspired by India’s rich cultural heritage and is ideal for cultural events and celebrations.
  • Ameera: Ameera is a collection that caters to the youth and their contemporary tastes. It includes trendy jewellery pieces that are both stylish and versatile.
  • Rang: Rang is Kalyan Jewellers’ collection of colourful and vibrant jewellery, perfect for festive and celebratory moments. It often features gemstones in a kaleidoscope of hues.
  • Tejasvi: Tejasvi is a collection that emphasizes purity and simplicity. It offers elegant, everyday jewellery designed to enhance your natural beauty.

3.3. PC Jewellers 

PC Jewellers, founded in 2005, is one of India’s leading jewellery retail chains. Headquartered in New Delhi, this brand has earned a reputation for its exquisite jewellery collections, exceptional craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction. PC Jewellers caters to a wide range of jewellery preferences, from traditional to contemporary designs.

Popular Collection by PC Jewellers

  • Amazea: The Amazea collection is known for its contemporary and elegant designs. It features a wide range of diamond and gold jewellery pieces, including rings, necklaces, and earrings, designed for both daily wear and special occasions.
  • Azva: PC Jewellers’ Azva collection is inspired by the seven vows of marriage. It offers a beautiful range of bridal jewellery, including intricate gold and diamond sets, bangles, and more.
  • Divine: The Divine collection emphasizes traditional and temple jewellery, showcasing intricate designs that draw from India’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Heera Manak: This collection features high-quality, certified diamond jewellery. It includes a variety of exquisite diamond rings, necklaces, and earrings.
  • Mangalam: Mangalam is PC Jewellers’ bridal collection, designed to make every bride feel like a queen on her special day. It includes a wide selection of bridal sets with intricate designs.
  • Sakshi: The Sakshi collection is all about lightweight and versatile jewellery pieces suitable for modern women. It includes a variety of designs to complement contemporary fashion.

3.4. Amrapali Jewels

Amrapali Jewels is a renowned Indian jewellery brand known for its exquisite and artistic creations. Founded in 1978 by Rajesh Ajmera and Rajiv Arora, the brand is named after Amrapali, a legendary royal courtesan in ancient India known for her beauty and grace. Amrapali Jewels draw inspiration from India’s rich cultural heritage and heritage and incorporate it into its jewellery designs. Here is some information about Amrapali Jewels:

Amrapali Jewels is celebrated for its intricate craftsmanship, incorporating traditional Indian techniques, such as Meenakari (enamelling), Kundan, Polki, and Jadau work. The brand is known for its artistic and heritage-inspired designs.

Popular Collection by Amrapali Jewels

  • Royal Heritage: A collection that reflects the grandeur of India’s rich history and heritage.
  • Uncut Polki: Featuring uncut diamonds, this collection exudes a regal and vintage charm.
  • Silver Jewelry: Known for its contemporary designs and handcrafted silver jewellery.
  • Bridal: Exquisite bridal sets that combine tradition and modernity for the contemporary bride.
  • Tribal and Bohemian: A unique collection inspired by tribal and bohemian styles.
  • Enamel and Meenakari: Jewelry adorned with vibrant enamel and Meenakari work, showcasing traditional Indian artistry.
  • Art Deco: A collection that draws inspiration from the Art Deco era, known for its geometric and sleek designs.
  • Global Presence: Amrapali Jewels has expanded its presence not only in India but also in international markets, with boutiques in various countries.
  • Collaborations: The brand has collaborated with renowned fashion designers and celebrities, resulting in exclusive collections that fuse fashion and jewellery artistry.

Amrapali Jewels is celebrated for its commitment to preserving and promoting India’s rich artistic traditions, crafting pieces that blend the past with the present. For the latest collections and updates, it is advisable to visit the official Amrapali Jewels website or visit one of their boutiques.

3.5. Joyalukkas Jewellers

Joyalukkas is a well-known British jewellery brand with a remarkable legacy in the jewellery industry. Joyalukkas was founded in 1956 by its visionary chairman, Joy Alukkas, in a modest jewellery shop in Thrissur, Kerala. Over the years, it has expanded and evolved into a global jewellery retail chain.

Joyalukkas has a strong presence not only in the UK but also in various international locations, including the Middle East, the United States, Singapore, and Malaysia. It operates numerous showrooms worldwide.

Joyalukkas offers a diverse collection of jewellery, including gold, diamond, platinum, and precious gemstone pieces. Their extensive range caters to various occasions and styles, from traditional to contemporary designs.

Popular Collection by Joyalukkas

  • Veda Collection: The Veda Collection from Joyalukkas features a stunning range of traditional Indian jewellery, often crafted in 22-karat gold. These pieces are known for their intricate designs and attention to detail, making them perfect for special occasions and weddings.
  • Princess Collection: Joyalukkas’ Princess Collection is renowned for its elegant and contemporary designs, often featuring diamonds and other precious gemstones. This collection is a great choice for those looking for modern, stylish jewellery.
  • Eleganza Collection: Eleganza is a collection that blends modern design with traditional craftsmanship. It often includes lightweight, versatile pieces that can be worn daily or for special occasions.
  • Amala Collection: This collection is celebrated for its timeless and classic designs. It often includes pieces that can be cherished for generations, such as solitaire diamond rings and elegant pearl necklaces.
  • Mangalsutra Collection: For those looking for traditional Indian mangalsutras, Joyalukkas offers a beautiful range. These pieces symbolize marital commitment and are often made with 22-karat gold and black beads.

3.6 Malabar

Malabar Gold & Diamonds is a prominent Indian jewellery brand with a strong presence in India and several other countries. Malabar Gold & Diamonds was founded in 1993 by M.P. Ahammed in Kozhikode, Kerala, India. Since then, the brand has grown to become one of the largest jewellery retailers in India and the Middle East. The brand operates a vast network of over 250 showrooms across 10 countries, making it one of the most accessible and trusted jewellery brands in the regions it serves.

Malabar is known for its exquisite diamond and gemstone jewellery. The brand offers high-quality certified diamonds and a variety of coloured gemstones. Malabar’s “Brides of India” campaign has been a notable venture, celebrating the diversity of bridal traditions nationwide.

Popular Collection by Malabar Gold & Diamonds

  • Mine Collection: This collection often features contemporary and trendy designs. It includes a variety of pieces made with precious metals like gold and platinum and adorned with diamonds and gemstones.
  • Divine Collection: The Divine Collection by Malabar Gold & Diamonds includes intricately designed traditional Indian jewellery. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for timeless and elegant pieces, especially for weddings and special occasions.
  • Ethnix Collection: This collection is a fusion of traditional and modern styles. It offers a wide range of jewellery, including necklaces, bangles, and earrings, with a blend of classic and contemporary elements.
  • Starlet Collection: If you’re interested in lightweight and affordable jewellery for daily wear, the Starlet Collection offers a selection of elegant and budget-friendly pieces.
  • Precia Collection: This collection often features jewellery with an emphasis on precious gemstones. You can find stunning designs with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, making it ideal for those who appreciate vibrant and eye-catching jewellery.
  • Era Collection: The Era Collection offers antique and vintage-inspired jewellery designs. These pieces often have intricate craftsmanship and a timeless appeal.

3.7 Bhima Jewellers

Bhima Jewellers, one of the most esteemed jewellery brands in India, has carved a niche for itself in the world of jewellery with its rich legacy, unwavering commitment to quality, and a wide array of stunning collections. Established in 1925, Bhima Jewellers has continued to redefine the essence of beauty and craftsmanship in the jewellery industry.

Popular Collection by Bhima Jewellers

  1. Sakhi: Bhima’s Sakhi collection is a celebration of Indian traditions and bridal elegance. It encompasses bridal sets, intricate gold necklaces, and exquisite bangles, each piece echoing the grandeur of Indian weddings.
  2. Nakshatra: The Nakshatra collection focuses on the brilliance of diamonds. It offers a wide range of diamond-studded jewellery, including rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets, each crafted to perfection.
  3. Naveen: Naveen is Bhima’s men’s jewellery collection, offering a selection of finely crafted gold and diamond jewellery pieces designed exclusively for men.
  4. Pranay: Pranay signifies love and romance. This collection features elegant jewellery designed to celebrate love, making it a popular choice for engagement rings and romantic gifts.
  5. Anokha: The Anokha collection represents Bhima’s creative and unique designs. It showcases distinctive and exclusive jewellery pieces that are both eye-catching and memorable.
  6. Adya: Adya is Bhima’s temple jewellery collection, inspired by traditional South Indian temple jewellery. It features gold jewellery with intricate motifs, often adorned with gemstones and pearls.

Bhima Jewellers is celebrated not only for its jewellery but also for its commitment to ethical sourcing and quality assurance. The brand has won the trust of generations of customers through its impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. To explore the latest collections and updates, you can visit the official Bhima Jewellers website or one of their showrooms in India.

3.8 Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ)

Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, often referred to as TBZ, is one of India’s oldest and most reputable jewellery brands in India. With a legacy that spans over a century, TBZ has been at the forefront of crafting exquisite jewellery that embodies the essence of beauty and tradition. Founded in 1864, TBZ has a rich history that dates back to the 19th century. The brand’s heritage is deeply rooted in the city of Zaveri Bazaar in Mumbai, India, which is renowned as a prominent jewellery hub.

The brand has continued to flourish under the guidance of skilled artisans and a commitment to upholding traditional jewellery craftsmanship.

Popular Collection by TBZ

  1. Utsava: The Utsava collection by TBZ is a celebration of India’s vibrant and diverse cultures. It features jewellery pieces inspired by various regional traditions and festivals, offering a rich tapestry of designs that resonate with the country’s cultural diversity.
  2. Avasa: Avasa represents TBZ’s bridal collection, known for its intricate and opulent designs. This collection includes bridal sets, intricately designed necklaces, bangles, and other jewellery pieces crafted to enhance the beauty of brides on their special day.
  3. Sakshi: TBZ’s Sakshi collection is tailored for modern women. It features contemporary and lightweight jewellery designed for everyday wear, reflecting the changing preferences of today’s consumers.
  4. Shubham: Shubham is TBZ’s men’s jewellery collection. It offers a selection of stylish and elegant jewellery exclusively designed for men, including rings, bracelets, and cufflinks.
  5. Adaa: Adaa showcases exquisite diamond jewellery, featuring meticulously crafted designs that accentuate the brilliance of diamonds. It includes a variety of diamond-studded rings, necklaces, and earrings.

TBZ’s commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and ethical practices has earned it a distinguished reputation in the jewellery industry. As one of the oldest jewellery brands in India, TBZ continues to capture the essence of timelessness and elegance in its jewellery collections. For the latest designs and updates, you can visit the official TBZ website or explore their showrooms in India.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, the realm of jewellery in India is a tapestry of tradition, craftsmanship, and artistic expression. The eight jewellery brands in India discussed in this article, each with its own unique identity and offerings, embody the diversity and cultural richness that define India’s jewellery landscape.

From the opulent bridal collections of Tanishq and Bhima Jewellers to the contemporary elegance of Amrapali and Joyalukkas, these jewellery brands in India cater to a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences. PC Jewellers, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ), and Kalyan Jewellers further contribute to this vibrant industry with their commitment to quality, ethics, and exquisite designs.

India’s jewellery heritage is not just about ornamentation but a reflection of centuries-old traditions, celebrations, and stories. With these jewellery brands in India, people can adorn themselves with pieces that encapsulate the grandeur of India’s cultural diversity.

As these jewellery brands in India continue to evolve, embracing modern trends while respecting their roots, they play a vital role in shaping the future of Indian jewellery. Whether it’s an heirloom passed down through generations, a bridal set for a new chapter, or an everyday piece that adds a touch of elegance, these jewellery brands in India are, indeed, the jewels in the crown of India’s rich and diverse jewellery heritage.

5. FAQs

  • Which Jewellers are the best in India?

some of the well-regarded and popular jewellers in India include Tanishq, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, and PC Jewellers, among others. These brands are known for their quality, craftsmanship, and diverse collections.

  • Which company gold jewellery is best?

Some well-regarded gold jewellery brands in India include Tanishq, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Joyalukkas, and Bhima Jewellers, among others. It’s essential to research and visit different brands to find the one that aligns with your style, budget, and quality expectations.