Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Highlighter Makeup

Highlighter Makeup is one of the most widely applied and appreciated party makeup. But you must be thinking, what does it mean? A highlighter makeup is one wherein the individual applies a highlighter to accentuate certain facial areas and give them an effect of depth. It also helps amp up the features. These days people use highlighters on their exposed body parts, too, for that extra sheen.

Through this article, we aim to acquaint you with the meaning, types, and usage of a highlighter. If you are eager to gain this knowledge, hop in!

What is a Makeup Highlighter?

A makeup highlighter is a cosmetic item that one uses over the base makeup for that illuminating effect. We use a face highlighter for elevating a few areas of our face to make it appear more chiseled. The highlighters are available in multiple forms like powder, cream, liquid, solid stick, gloss, and jelly. Each of them has one common purpose and nevertheless offers different finishes.

Types of Face Highlighters

When buying a highlighter, we often evaluate its features like if it is skin-friendly, non-comedogenic, paraben-free, cruelty-free, etc., but we get confused as to which type of highlighter would suit us. Here is the guide to types of highlighters that will help you get an understanding of each in a better way. Thereby the types of highlighters are:

1) Powder Highlighter

Powder highlighters are the most widely used highlighters by makeup enthusiasts. It is available in the pressed powder form, which we apply using a fan or a highlighter brush. This is the best option for beginners if they wish to get that glittery effect. This easy-to-use highlighter can be dusted off without worrying about the other layers of makeup being disturbed.

2) Liquid or Jelly Highlighter

Liquid highlighters are known to bring out the natural skin in contrast with a powder highlighter. It mingles easily with the other layers of makeup that you have put on and offers a more subtle glow. People are most likely to use liquid highlighters at daytime parties or events. It is a game of just one finger. Glide the liquid highlighters on the parts you wish to accentuate, and you are ready to shine through!

3) Stick or Cream Highlighter

Did you know that a highlighter can also provide your skin with hydration? A stick or cream highlighter is the kind of highlighter that offers the best glow in comparison to powder or liquid highlighters. It just takes a glide over your high points, and you are ready with that extra glow. Due to the creamy consistency of stick highlighters, they have a lasting stay. Plus, these highlighters are also multipurpose as one can use them as eyeshadow, highlighter, and lipstick enhancer too. 

Where to Apply the Highlighter?

In times gone by, highlighters were used to add an illuminating effect on the features of the actors (who were a part of theatre or films). Unlike the lightning effects in the present era, then there were not many tools available to make the actor visible from afar. Thus, highlighters came into existence, and to date, they have continued to be an integral part of makeup essentials.

A highlighter allows facial features like cheekbones, nose, and jawline to appear more edgy and sharp. A makeup hack video also demonstrated how adding a bit of powder highlighter to the body lotion and gently massaging it all over adds sheer sheen to the body. Thereupon, we land the conclusion that the application of a highlighter is not confined to your face.

How to Apply a Highlighter?

In the 21st century, we are very much smart to differentiate between a natural glow and a makeup glow. Whenever you visit someone and find a few areas of their face or body extra shiny, know that it is because of the highlighter. Often we omit the highlighter to minimize the makeup steps, but little do we know that it can add magical radiance to the skin.

If you are new in the makeup journey and looking for the steps to apply a highlighter, we have got you sorted.

Step 1. Shade Selection

It is an important thing to keep in mind that you cannot just buy any highlighter shade (especially not the one that your best friend is using). Your skin tone plays a crucial role when buying a makeup product. So, be cautious of what you are buying. Mostly warm highlighter shades go well with all skin tones, but if you have a dark skin tone, try using shades of red as a highlighter.

Step 2.  Skin Prep

For any kind of makeup, you are into skin prep is the pivotal step that cannot be missed. Cleaning-toning-moisturizing should be properly done without any hurry. This will help your face to get clean and allows the makeup artist to start with a fresh base. As well as, your previous makeup will not blend with the new one. And above all, it will keep your makeup from becoming cakey.

Step 3. Begin With the Base Makeup

Base makeup includes applying primer, foundation, concealer, & color corrector and getting the eye makeup done. When you apply other products to your face, you ensure having a crease-free look that you are going to complete or chisel with the highlighter. Applying base makeup would give your face a spotless glow.

Step 4. Add Sheen to your Cheeks

Now, it’s time to add sheen to your cheeks. Everyone likes their cheekbones to be accentuated enough to get noticed. Start putting the highlighter just above the place you’ve applied the blush. Diagonally apply the highlighter on each cheek with the help of your fingers if you’re new to the game or with the brush. When applying the highlighter, remember that less is more, and thus, be gentle with its application.

Step 5. Accentuate the Facial High Points

Similar to your cheekbones, other parts of your face also crave some attention. Elevate that overall look by applying the highlighter on your inner eye area, brow bones, above the lips, and down the nose bridge. This way, you can enjoy a radiating glow that you have successfully added to your face.