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Are you looking at buying footwear for casual, formal or sports activities? With emerging fashion trends, footwear has become an important part of the overall appearance. Irrespective of your fashion statement, it is important that the footwear is appropriate to the occasion. There are some front-runner footwear brands in India like – Liberty, Paragon, Lakhani, Metro, VKC etc that offer unmatched choices at unbeatable prices.

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With so many Indian Brands offering quality and durable footwear, buying trendy shoes is a bit confusing for some. Here, we have shortlisted the 8 most popular footwear brands in India.

1. 10 Best Footwear Brands in India

India boasts a plethora of footwear brands that have not only captured the hearts of its people but have also made a mark on the global fashion stage. These brands exhibit a rich blend of tradition and innovation, offering a wide range of options that cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of its vast population. Let’s delve into some of the best footwear brands in India that have left an indelible imprint on the Indian fashion landscape.

1.1 LIBERTY – A Feeling Called Liberty, Express Yourself

Liberty is an indigenous homegrown brand, had a strong brand presence for more than 50 years now. The brand is famous for its quality and customer satisfaction. The brand’s recognition as one of the most trusted brands in India has added a feather in the cap in its already colourful portfolio of 10-plus sub-brands.

Liberty sub-brands are broadly Aha, Coolers, Foot Fun, Force 10, Fortune, Glider, Healers, Leap 7X, Perfect & Senorita, catering to different market segments with unique USPs.

Liberty ad campaigns are youthful and try to catch the imagination of the youth. The brand has around 771 new arrivals ( new designs and unique styles)  in the current festive season.

“Fortune Men’s Tan Formal Lacing”  has the “WOW‘ element that would appeal to all high-end corporate executives.  “Dupley New” would undoubtedly make you the winner in your weekend tennis session.

For Women, “Senorita” would go very well with the matching colour Chikankari suit,  extending a “fairy look” to the personality.

And not the least for the little young star in the family, Liberty has the ” Lucy & Luke Kids Blue Casual POLO Sandal”.

1.2 Relaxo

Established in 1984, Relaxo stands as a pioneer and the largest footwear manufacturer in India, marking four decades of dedicated service to the nation. Today, it proudly holds a place among the top 500 Most Valuable Companies, a testament to its enduring success and commitment to quality.

Relaxo is not just a footwear manufacturer; it’s a Fortune 500 company (India) renowned for its unbeatable combination of quality products and affordable pricing. The brand offers a diverse range of footwear, including slippers, sandals, sports shoes, and casual shoes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

At the heart of Relaxo’s success are its most popular brands, each a leader in its own category. Relaxo, the iconic brand, is synonymous with rubber slippers and represents versatility that caters to all segments of society. Flite, on the other hand, offers a trendy and semi-formal range of slippers that resonates with style-conscious consumers.

1.3 Paragon- The journey of 45 years

Paragon rubber footwear needs no introduction. While it continues to be its top flagship product, the brand spells the assurance of quality and affordability to a full range of other footwear.

Today it has over 20 plus sub-brands under its parent brand umbrella. A few of them are Solea, Paragon Max, Stimulus, Parasite, Fender, Escoute, Walkie, Rubber-based, Vertex, School Shoes, Flat Lite, Princess, Sonar, Casual, Dolly, and Meriva selling across the country.

All Paragon products are reasonably priced and appeal to the middle-class customer segment. “Men’s Max Formal Shoes ( both black and Brown )” are perfect for young executives in private and government. 

The black slicker sandal is fit for the college graduates for their weekend campus visit. It goes very well with a casual white Kurta and the faded levies. The fairer gender can try out the “Women’s Solea Golden Ethnic Sandal/ Chappal” for weekend activities with a matching casual outfit.

Paragon has 1300 plus new arrivals in this festive season. No wonder even after 45 years, the brand is enjoying the spirits of ‘Paragon Pehen Ke Chalo’ and  ‘Chalta Rahey’.

1.4 KHADIMs – In step with every Indian

Khadim is India’s third-largest retailer with about 500 plus branded retail stores across the country. The company’s expertise in distribution, merchandising, and aggressive marketing are the main factors for success.

From sports shoes, formals, casuals, loafers, party-wear, and ethnic to semi-formals,” Khadims” cater to all the needs of both men and women. It has a portfolio of sub-brands like Sharon, British Walkers, Soft Touch, Adrianna, Bonito, Pro, and Turk.

Pro Men Blue Sneakers” is the ideal combination for going to the night show at PVR. Your faded wrangler with maroon V-style top would gel well with this foot year.

Khadim’s Women Beige Casual Loafer Shoe” is perfect for the lady of the house for her next kitty party outing. It can go well with your matching  Sarees or Shalwar Kurty as well.

1.5 RED TAPE – Fashion for your feet

Red Tape – The flagship brand of Mirza International Limited, was launched in the year 1996. The brand has a variety of styles and shapes catering to men, women and children in India.

Salman Khan, the popular heartthrob hero from Bollywood was the first brand ambassador to endorse the brand to the youth and that did the trick.

The brand offers you boots, Oxford Shoes, Canvas Shoes, Sports Shoes, and much more. Also, if you want some fabulous Casual shoes, then do check out their Bond Street Series.

Today, Red Tape is available in 40 exclusive stores and 400 multi-brand outlets across the country and contributes about 23% to the company’s total sales turnover.

Red Tape footwear is also available in leading international retailers including Next, River Island, Monsoon Dune, Oasis and Harrods.

1.6 SPARX  – Add Sparx to your life

Sparx is one of the leading footwear brands in India that has achieved a  rank of 3rd ‘Most Trusted Footwear Brand‘. Sparx, as a brand, always stands for quality coupled with the  “can-do spirit”.

This Indian Footwear Brand mostly relies on celebrity power to position itself as a premium sports shoe brand.  The brand had the Bollywood hero Neil Nitin Mukesh (in the past)  and now Akshay Kumar as the brand ambassador.

Sparx is one of the trendiest footwear brands in India that delivers the style element. With their revolutionary design and budget-friendly prices, Sparx has a good grip on the sports footwear market in the country.

Sparx has adopted the ad slogan ” Add Sparx to your life”, and the brand has the tagline “Go for It”  to address the market.

1.7 Lakhani Footwear

Lakhani Footwear Pvt. Ltd. stands as a distinguished name in the realm of shoe manufacturing, offering a diverse range of products under various brands and categories. With a formidable presence in the footwear industry, Lakhani Footwear Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in being the largest producer of a wide spectrum of footwear, including Sports Shoes, Beach Slippers, PU Injected Sports Shoes, and PVC Injected Sports Shoes.

Notably, Lakhani Footwear has built its reputation on the twin pillars of style and comfort, offering shoes that seamlessly blend fashion and functionality. Over the years, the company has manufactured shoes for several leading footwear brands in India, solidifying its presence as a trusted and reliable partner in the footwear industry.

With its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Lakhani Footwear Pvt. Ltd. continues to leave an indelible mark in the world of footwear manufacturing, consistently striving to provide footwear solutions that meet the diverse demands of its customers.

1.8 Red Chief

Leayan Global Private Limited, a subsidiary of the parent company RSPL Limited, embarked on its journey into the leather and footwear industry in 1995. It was during this time that the company introduced its brand ‘RED CHIEF’ to cater to the Indian market. Since its inception, ‘RED CHIEF‘ has grown to be one of the prominent names in the world of footwear.

RED CHIEF,’ LGPL (Leayan Global Private Limited) extends its product offerings through three more footwear brands in India, each tailored to meet the distinct needs of consumers. ‘Furo Sports‘ specializes in sports shoes and athleisure products, while ‘Top Brass‘ is dedicated to delivering premium formal footwear and apparel. For those seeking economical options, ‘Comfort Walk‘ offers a range of products that cater to the masses.

Its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction is reflected in its stringent quality control measures and investment in research and development.

1.9 Metro Shoes

Metro Shoes is among the renowned footwear brands in India with a remarkable history dating back to 1947. It all began when a single shoe store opened its doors in Colaba, Mumbai, during the year of India’s liberation. Over the course of seven decades, Metro Shoes has grown to become a household name in the country.

The brand has become synonymous with exceptional quality, skilled craftsmanship, and a keen sense of high fashion within the footwear industry. What started as a modest single outlet in Mumbai has now evolved into a widespread chain of exclusive fashion footwear and accessories stores, serving customers in over 200 locations across more than 100 cities in India.

They have a relentless passion for quality, ensuring their customers enjoy affordable luxury and the best possible products. It continues to set the standard for fashion and quality in the Indian footwear and accessories industry, all while prioritizing customer satisfaction and maintaining a commitment to excellence.

1.10 VKC Pride

VKC Pride, a flagship brand of the VKC Group, is a prominent and distinguished name in the realm of footwear. Established in 1984, VKC Group set out with a noble intention: to empower humanity by providing sturdy, reliable footwear while adhering to the fundamental principles of life and business. This commitment to core values has been the cornerstone of VKC’s journey.

Founded by V. K. C. Mammed Koya in Kerala, VKC Group initially focused on manufacturing and marketing Hawai slippers. Over the years, it evolved to become a leading and prestigious footwear manufacturer in South India, catering to individuals of all genders and age groups.

The brand has consistently incorporated the latest developments in polymer science and pioneering technologies into its products. The overarching vision has always been to serve humanity by offering long-lasting, quality footwear at fair and honest prices.

2. Conclusion

These are some of the best footwear brands in India offering high-quality, durable, stylish and trending products. As the footwear market continues to expand, we can expect several footwear trends in the coming years.

The top  Indian footwear brands are well aware of the market sentiments and scenario. They often introduce new elements of design and style to retain customers and stay ahead in business.

More and more footwear brands in India have adopted advanced and innovative technology in shoe production to improve productivity.

The post is an effort to update the readers with unbiased views on some of the best footwear brands in India.

Hope you enjoyed reading it! Leave your comments below!

3. FAQs

  • Which is the best brand of shoes in India?

Some of the best shoe brands in India are – popular options including Red Chief, Liberty, and, Paragaon, which are known for their quality and variety.

  • What are the luxury shoe brands in India?

Luxury shoe brands in India include Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, and Prada, offering high-end footwear options.

  • Which is a popular shoe brand?

Bata is a widely popular shoe brand in India, offering a diverse range of affordable and comfortable shoes for different needs and occasions.